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Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to extend your living space, entertain guests and enjoy Florida’s beautiful weather while cooking. But if you’re planning to cook outside, you may be wondering, do I need a vent hood in my outdoor kitchen? Is a ventilation hood necessary? 


A vent hood, or range hood, is an important component of any kitchen, whether inside or outside. Not only does it help with ventilation, but it also helps keep your outdoor living space clean of smoke and odors. 


Our pros at Synergy Outdoor Living explain the benefits of having a vent hood in your outdoor kitchen to help you decide if it’s an essential element for your space. 

Custom outdoor grill and kitchen space with custom vent hood

The Importance of Vent Hoods  


Your outdoor hood employs a strong fan to push smoke, heat, grease, and food odors away from the grill and out of the outdoor living space, just like it would in an interior kitchen.


They are quite useful since they keep cooking odors away from guests and stop dirty residue from building up on surfaces like furniture, walls, and ceilings and staining your house’s paint.


Additionally, they can also help keep pests away from food by creating negative air pressure around the grill or cooktop. 

brown outdoor kitchen with vent hood, tile backsplash, and summerset grill

Cooking Outdoors: Do You Need a Vent Hood? 


Installing an outdoor kitchen adds even more convenience to your patio or outdoor living space; cooking outside saves energy and provides a fun experience for gatherings. But is a ventilation hood necessary?  


Every outdoor cooking arrangement can benefit greatly from the convenience and safety that vent hoods offer. But you won’t need a vent hood if your grill or outdoor kitchen is outside or under a pergola or other open structure.


You need a ventilation hood above the grill if your outdoor kitchen is set up underneath a lanai, porch, or other structure with a solid ceiling.


While not necessary for all outdoor cooking setups, having a vent hood can make your backyard barbecues more enjoyable and safer for everyone involved! 

Custom outdoor kitchen with a mounted TV and custom vent hood above grill by Synergy Outdoor Living

Selecting the Right Vent Hood for Your Patio 


To give the best ventilation, vent hoods designed for grilling are often broader and deeper than those used in indoor kitchens. In your outdoor kitchen area, they can be suspended from the ceiling or installed on the wall.


Pro tip: Choosing a wall range hood is a smart move if your grill is mounted against a patio wall. Installing a vent hood over the grill if it is situated on an outdoor island is also recommended.




A range hood should be installed such that it extends at least six inches beyond the size of your grill or cooking area.


A ventilation hood is required over each outdoor cooking appliance if you have numerous cooking surfaces, such as a flattop, grill, and a wok station. An alternate option would be to have a custom hood made that is large enough to cover the two (or more) cooking surfaces side by side.  




When purchasing a vent hood, choose a vent hood with a fan blower that has a high CFM rating, which specifies how much air it can move. Even in Florida’s breezy conditions, the fan ought to have sufficient strength to clear the grill of smoke.


It’s also important to have a quiet motor so that your outdoor TV game or conversation won’t be drowned out. To see what you’re grilling at night, built-in lights might also be useful.




Always go for tough, high-quality stainless steel materials when installing appliances like a range hood in an outdoor kitchen so that they can withstand the smoke, grease, and repeated cleanings.


Vent hoods should be cleaned twice a month to prevent staining and grime build-up.  


Look for filters that are simple to remove and dishwasher-safe to make cleaning a breeze. The hood itself can be cleaned inside and out with a non-abrasive cloth and soapy water.  


Vent Hood Installation Tips 


Because ventilation hoods are electric appliances, installation requires a licensed electrician. But there are still some considerations that you will need to be a part of:  


  • Range hoods should be installed between 30 and 36 inches above the cooking surface for best results. This allows for sufficient space to open a grill lid while ensuring that any breezes won’t interfere with the fan’s functionality.


  • Most vent hoods are made of stainless steel and complement grills and other outdoor equipment. If you want to make a statement in your outdoor cooking area, think about designing a beautiful surround or matching the color of your outdoor cabinetry.


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Custom outdoor L shaped kitchen with vent hood and pizza oven and natural stone

Unlock the Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens with Hoods 


Outdoor vent hoods are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor kitchen space. Not only do they protect against smoke, grease, and odors, but they add a touch of style and beauty to any backyard. With the right vent hood in place, your outdoor kitchen will be both beautiful and functional!  


Invest in your outdoor living space’s comfort and safety. Contact our design experts to get started on finding the perfect range hood for your outdoor kitchen in Tampa, Jacksonville, or Orlando today! 

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