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Outdoor grills combined with a side burner will compliment each other in the same way a stove and microwave do in an indoor kitchen. Each serves a multitude of purposes, yet can do things the other sometimes can’t. For the grilling and cooking aficionado, having both of these components are crucial to a great outdoor kitchen.

Here are 5 good reasons why a side burner is a must:

1. Keep it outside. One of the primary reasons for investing in an outdoor kitchen is the freedom of cooking out in the open.

With a side burner, you will not need to utilize your indoor kitchen stove to complete your meal. A side burner can complete all the functions of an indoor cooktop.


2. More time to relax. Crack open a drink and put your feet up.

With both cooking elements outdoors, you won’t need to waste time running inside to babysit your indoor cooktop while you are simultaneously trying to grill outside. Whether you need to cook with a skillet, pot or wok- a side burner can do it all!


3. Taste test. Side burners are great for cooking sauces beside your grilled meats.

Rip off a piece of that grilled chicken and dunk it into a saucepan of that homemade BBQ sauce beside you.


4. Conserve Energy. When you aren’t sweating in your house kitchen over a stove, you don’t have to crank the A/C down to 65 degrees. Avoid heating up your home by keeping all of the hot cooking elements outside.


5. No power, no problem! In Florida, hurricanes are known to knock out power for days. With an outdoor side burner, you can still enjoy the flexibility of a cooktop without needing electricity.


When designing your outdoor kitchen, make sure you are considering components that make your life as simple as possible. This is the Florida lifestyle… relax and enjoy it!

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