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In Florida, grilling is a way of life, so elevate your outdoor living space to include an awesome outdoor kitchen that will allow you to cook, eat, and entertain without having to stay indoors. You can incorporate the same interior kitchen ideas into your outdoor setting while adding versatility, value, and FUN to your home. Whether you go the DIY route or hire a professional outdoor kitchen design company, like Synergy Outdoor Living, here are some tips on designing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. 

Location, Location, Location 

When choosing the location of your outdoor kitchen and outdoor living areas, several factors concerning safety and functionality should be considered.  

These include:  

  • Knowing the wind pattern of your home to avoid smoke from the grill wafting into your home.  
  • Position the outdoor kitchen so it does not disrupt your view of the exterior. Placing it to the side or at an angle are both good options.  
  • Consider the overall traffic flow as well as the safety of your family and guests. A hot, outdoor grill should not be placed right next to an area where the kids will play. 

Designer Tip: Keep the outdoor kitchen as close as you can to the interior kitchen, especially if you entertain frequently. Even though you’ll have a nice set up outside, you will still have your hands full carrying items from one kitchen to the other. 

Want more tips for your space? We offer free consultations with professional outdoor kitchen designers. We design for any budget; enjoy your home and the true Florida lifestyle. Call for a quote now! 

Start Designing

bbq grilling outdoor kitchen tampa florida

Decide on Appliances 

Now for the fun part! The kitchen design will largely depend on the size of the appliances you choose and how many you want to include.  

Consider how the appliances will fit within the design plan, how much room to allow for each appliance, and how they will work with each other. Leave enough space on either side of the grill to accommodate platters and tools, and make sure to leave enough room in between appliances.  

Designer Tip: Apply the same “design triangle” used for interior kitchens which places the sink, cooktop, and fridge in a triangle setting – keeping the legs of the triangle to no less than four feet and no longer than nine feet.  

Call our outdoor kitchen designers to make sure you have the best outdoor living space for your home. We offer a variety of built-in grill and outdoor kitchen packages to suit any budget. Get a quote now! 


Don’t Forget About Storage 

Just as you would an interior kitchen, you will want to include designated storage and staging areas. Here’s the catch: all storage and staging areas – including cabinetry and countertops – should be waterproof and durable to account for changes in temperature. And, of course, our rainy Florida summers. 

Other factors to consider are how often you will use the outdoor kitchen; how much you plan to entertain (and for how many guests) and how much you will keep in the cabinets and on top of the countertops.   



Add Ambiance  

The focus of your outdoor kitchen is to bring the same comforts of the inside to the outside so incorporate features that finish the space! 

This may include 


When it comes to furniture, choose durable pieces with comfortable outdoor cushions, and select the largest dining table you can fit in your space. Trust us, you’ll be doing a lot of cooking outside.  

Designer Tip: If you include a TV into your outdoor living space, make sure it is properly installed and kept out of the elements.   

Get Started 

Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen 

Interested in designing your dream outdoor spaceSynergy Outdoor Living can build your dream outdoor kitchen in Tampa Bay and Orlando.  

For information on our design services for outdoor kitchens, rock walls, beverage centers, pergolas, and pavers, please call us today at 877.664.0770Or let’s get cooking with a quote for your custom outdoor kitchen! 


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