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If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors, whether it’s entertaining guests on your patio or cooking up a storm in your outdoor kitchen, then having the perfect television to accompany these activities is essential. That’s where SunBrite TV comes in! 


With their innovative and durable designs specifically made for outdoor use, they have revolutionized the way we enjoy entertainment outside.  


Our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living explore the unique features and benefits that set SunBrite TVs apart from their indoor counterparts, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience no matter the weather conditions. Let’s dive in!  

Outdoor TV flush-mounted into patio wall Synergy Outdoor Living

Courtesy of SunBrite TV 


Why We Love SunBrite TVs 


There’s no denying it: SunBrite TVs have captured our hearts here at Synergy Outdoor Living and have become the ultimate outdoor entertainment solution.  


But what is it about SunBrite TVs that makes us love them so much? 




Outdoor TVs are built with weather-resistant materials that can endure rain, extreme temperatures, and even direct sunlight. They are engineered to have a higher level of durability than their indoor counterparts. This means you can enjoy your favorite movies, sports games, or TV shows while lounging by the pool or hosting a backyard barbequeworry-free! 


Anti-Glare LED Screen 


They come equipped with special coatings on the screen to reduce glare and increase visibility in bright outdoor lighting conditions. You won’t have to worry about squinting or straining your eyes while enjoying your favorite shows or movies under the sun. 


Brighter Screens  


Unlike their indoor counterparts, these innovative televisions are specifically designed to be exponentially brighter, thanks to their screens being rated at many more nits (a unit that measures how bright a TV is).  


Their enhanced brightness ensures that every detail is vividly displayed, making for an immersive viewing experience like no other. 


Impact-Resistant Front Screen  


Imagine this scenario. It’s a beautiful summer day, you’re out in your backyard enjoying a friendly game of football or tossing around a frisbee. Suddenly, disaster strikes—the ball veers off course and hurtles toward your new outdoor TV screen. The thought of your brand-new investment shattering into pieces is enough to bring tears to your eyes.  


But fear not! SunBrite TVs are equipped with an impact-resistant screen designed specifically for outdoor televisions so they will be protected from accidents in high-activity areas.  


Can Stand Up to Florida’s Humidity  


SunBrite TVs have been meticulously engineered to combat humidity-induced damage, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the weather.  


From their specialized cooling systems that prevent overheating to their weatherproof enclosures that protect against moisture and corrosion, these TVs are built tough for Florida’s unique environment. 


  • Some models can operate in temperatures of about 120 degrees F.  
  • Gasketing and sealants protect your TV from key water entry points, a must for humid outdoor spaces! 


Rust-Free Metal Exterior Cases 


Powder-coated aluminum exterior cases can provide outdoor TVs with increased durability and impact resistance. Whether you’re planning to mount your TV on a patio, by the pool, or in any other outdoor space, it must have a protective case that can withstand the elements.  


Aluminum is renowned for its strength and longevity, and when combined with SunBrite’s powder coating, it becomes even more resilient. 

Outdoor seating area in a waterfront backyard with a Sunbrite tv mounted above the fireplace

Courtesy of SunBrite TV

Favorite SunBrite TV Models 


We install TVs in many of our outdoor kitchen spaces. Just a few of our favorites include:  


Veranda: Full Shade TVs 


This line is perfect for shaded areas around your patio, deck, or outdoor space.  


55” Veranda 3 Series  


  • Ultra bright picture for outdoor viewing with a 1,000-nit screen 
  • Engineered to stand up to rain with industrial-grade aluminum  
  • Built-in smart streaming 
  • Wide viewing angle 
  • Weatherproof remote control 
  • Advanced TV sound  


Signature: Partial Sun TVs 


43” Signature 2 LED HDR TV 


The signature line is great for partial sun and areas with high ambient light such as the patio, deck, or yard.  


  • Up to 3x brighter than indoor TVs 
  • TruVision anti-glare technology  
  • 4K resolution 
  • Durable aluminum casing 
  • Preconfigured settings for daytime & nighttime  
  • Weatherproof remote control  


Pro: Full Sun TVs 


The pro line is perfect for full-sun outdoor spaces so you can truly bring the FUN outside!  


49” Pro 2 LED HDR 4K TV 


  • TruVision anti-glare display for viewing in direct sun 
  • Internal heating and cooling system 
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame 
  • Waterproof cable entry system to protect gaming systems from moisture  

Enhance the Sound in Your Outdoor Space with> Our Favorite Audio & Visual Solutions  


Revolutionize Your Outdoor Entertainment  


Say goodbye to crowded living rooms and hello to the great outdoors! Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or enjoying a relaxing evening under the stars, SunBrite TV will provide you with crystal-clear picture quality and immersive sound while you watch the big game, a cooking show, or your favorite TV drama.  


Ready to get started? Contact us at 877-664-0770 for a design consultation and revolutionize your outdoor entertainment with Synergy Outdoor Living & SunBrite TV today!  



Featured Image: SunBrite TV


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