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As the sun sets over your Florida outdoor living area and the evening breeze brushes by, what could be more delightful than the tantalizing aroma of a pizza cooking in your own outdoor pizza oven? Our team at Synergy Outdoor Living believes that an outdoor pizza oven is not just a cooking appliance, but a lifestyle changer.  


Now, you might be wondering—Why an outdoor pizza oven? Can’t I just use my indoor oven? Well, let’s explore some of the benefits of having such a versatile tool in your custom outdoor kitchen.  

man putting pizza inside of outdoor pizza oven

Credit: Lynx Grills

The Benefits of a Custom Outdoor Kitchen with a Pizza Oven 

Are you tired of the same old barbecue experience? Maybe it’s time to kick things up a notch! An outdoor pizza oven could be just what you need to elevate your outdoor dining to a whole new level of fun and flavor.  

  • Unleash Your Inner Chef: With a pizza oven, you’re not limited to just grilling. You can bake, roast, or even smoke your food. How about a mouth-watering smoked salmon or a succulent roast beef? The possibilities are endless! 
  • Year-Round Use: A pizza oven can be used all year round. Rain or shine, you can still enjoy your favorite pizza or favorite dish. 
  • Saves On Energy: Since the oven is outside, you won’t heat your house during the summer months. This can lead to significant energy savings. 


Remember, it’s not just about the food. It’s about the experience. 

An outdoor pizza oven can transform your backyard cookouts into a gourmet adventure. 


With an outdoor pizza oven, you can add a hint of Italian pizzeria charm right in your backyard, tantalizing your taste buds with every bite! Nice! 

cooked pizza on pizza peel

Tips for Cooking Delicious Pizzas in Your Outdoor Pizza Oven 

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating delicious, restaurant-quality pizzas right in your backyard. Bon appétit! 


Preheat the Oven  

Just like indoor baking, preheating your outdoor pizza oven is crucial. A well-heated oven will ensure your pizza cooks evenly and achieves the right texture. Aim for a temperature of around 700°F for the best results.  


Temperature Management  

Managing the temperature of your outdoor oven is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects to master. You want consistent and even heat.  


It’s hotter at the top of the dome, and cooler near the door.  

Use this to your advantage to control cooking speed. 


Choosing the Right Dough  

Pizza dough plays a pivotal role in the final taste and texture of your pizza. Opt for good-quality, high-protein flour, and allow plenty of time for your dough to rise.


Pizza Stone Placement  

The placement of your pizza stone can significantly affect the outcome of your pizza. Ideally, the stone should be placed in the center of the oven, where the heat is most consistent.  


Use Top Ingredients Wisely  

When it comes to pizza toppings, less is more. A thin layer of sauce, a handful of cheese, and a few key ingredients will usually suffice. Remember, putting too many toppings on your pizza can result in a soggy crust.  


Rotation is Key  

For an evenly cooked pizza, remember to rotate it every so often. This ensures all parts get equal exposure to the hottest parts of the oven.  


Mastering the Peel  

Finally, mastering the use of a pizza peel is key for transferring your pizza in and out of the oven without mishap. Practice makes perfect!  


What’s a pizza peel? Well, it’s a flat carrying surface attached to a long handle and can also be referred to as pizza shovels, pizza paddles, or pizza sliders.


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baking bread in a Lynx Napoli pizza oven

Credit: Lynx Grills

Maximizing the Versatility of Your Outdoor Pizza Oven 

To unlock the true potential of this incredible culinary tool, you should venture beyond just making pizza. Here’s how:  

  • Baking Artisan Breads: Your pizza oven can double as a traditional bread oven. Allow the oven to cool slightly after the fire has died down, then bake fresh, crusty loaves on the oven floor. 
  • Roasting Delectable Meats: A pizza oven’s high heat and wood-fired flavor can transform your roast or BBQ. Using indirect heat, the oven can slow-cook your meats to succulent perfection. 
  • Grilling Seafood: Grilled seafood attains a smoky flavor when cooked in a pizza oven. From shrimp to fish, the possibilities are endless. 
  • Creating Perfectly Roasted Vegetables: Toss your favorite vegetables in olive oil, season them, and let the pizza oven do the rest, resulting in a rich, smoky flavor.  

Don’t have an outdoor pizza oven yet? Consider investing in one. It’s not just about the food but also about the experiences and memories you’ll create. Here’s to many years of delicious food and heartwarming gatherings! 

family sitting outside eating pizza

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Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Culinary Haven with a Custom Pizza Oven  

Can’t you just smell the aroma of freshly baked pizza floating through the air? Now, picture that alluring scent coming from your very own custom outdoor kitchen, complete with a versatile outdoor pizza oven. Isn’t it time you considered adding this deliciously dynamic element to your outdoor living space? We think so!  


Ready to get started? Let’s make it a reality for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville home! Contact our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living for a quote today!  


Featured Image: Lynx 

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