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You have good taste… 

The popularity of outdoor kitchens in Florida has increased over the years as homeowners transform their outdoor living spaces into cooking and entertainment destinations. If you enjoy cooking, entertaining, and spending time outside, and of course—pizza—then you should consider adding a pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen space.  

Our team at Synergy Outdoor Living discusses the benefits of incorporating a pizza oven into your outdoor kitchen design so you can say goodbye to delivery or frozen pizza and hello to delicious homemade pizza!  

The Benefits of a Pizza Oven  


There are few things better than sitting outside on the patio on a Florida evening while a pizza bakes not far away. And anyone who has tasted wood or brick-fired pizza knows that it is far superior to pizza cooked in a regular oven too!  

With a wide variety of seasonal ingredients, herbs, cheese, and specialty meats available, pizza is a highly versatile dish that is great for family meals, gatherings, and lazy days on the patio.  


Here are some of our favorite reasons to  add a pizza oven into your outdoor kitchen 


Never Get Delivery Again  


You will never have to order delivery or eat a frozen pizza again when you have a wood-fired or electric pizza oven in your backyard. Pizza ovens cook at a much higher temperature than conventional household ovens, making it easy to whip up a delicious pizza in just a few minutes.  


While you can bake up a delectable pizza in an outdoor pizza oven, you can also bake cookies, cakes, and more! We love pizza ovens at Synergy Outdoor Living; give us a call — 813-322-2137!   

Serves as a Focal Point of Your Outdoor Space  


Outdoor living spaces are an extension of the usable space of your home and a pizza oven is a great focal point. A pizza oven can be installed on the patio, or integrated into a larger outdoor kitchen equipped with a burner, grill, refrigerator, and countertop space.  

Not to mention, outdoor kitchen spaces are great places to entertain through every season and are less costly than their indoor counterparts.  


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Offers a Variety of Design Options  


Outdoor pizza ovens are available in many styles and designs to perfectly fit your aesthetic. Some are made of stainless steel, stone, studio, or even bricks.  

Think about it, you could create an authentic Italian-style outdoor living space complete with a beautiful pergola and greenery, and a stone or brick pizza oven, or go for a completely sleek modern look with stainless steel.  


Not sure what kind to choose? Our kitchen design team loves talking pizza ovens—give us a call today; (813)-322-2137!   


Make More than Pizza  


While pizza ovens are made to bake up a delicious pizza, there is much more than you can cook and bake inside these high-heat outdoor ovens.  

You can cook all kinds of dishes including bread, desserts, meat, vegetables—you name it!  


They Increase Curb Appeal and Home Value  


Any outdoor living space will add instant curb appeal and market value to your home, and an outdoor pizza oven will make it even more valuable.  

Pizza ovens are unique features that not only add monetary value to your home but are a great selling point for prospective buyers.  


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Incorporate a Pizza Oven in Your Outdoor Kitchen  


It won’t be hard to entice family and friends to join you outside on the patio for a delicious pizza straight from your outdoor pizza oven. If you are ready to install a pizza oven and would like to design an amazing outdoor kitchen, Synergy Outdoor Living can help.  

We are a leading Florida outdoor living design company and can’t wait to help make your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality! 


Get cooking outside in a custom outdoor kitchen in the Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville areas with Synergy Outdoor Living—813-322-2137!   

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