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Are you dreaming of the perfect outdoor kitchen to host your family and friends for backyard BBQs and get-togethers? Look no further than the L-shaped layout! This design is not only stylish and modern, but it also offers a range of benefits that make it a top choice for homeowners. 


Our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living explore some of the reasons why an L-shaped outdoor kitchen layout may be the ideal fit for you. From its efficient use of space to its versatility in design, we’ll cover all the advantages of this popular layout.  


So whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just starting your outdoor kitchen journey, read on to discover why an L-shaped design could be the perfect choice for your home! 

Stainless Grill in an L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

What is an L-Shaped Kitchen? 


Just as the name suggests, an L-Shaped kitchen is shaped like the letter L, with one long section attached to a smaller shorter section.  


Often, we like to suggest creating a natural work triangle in the corner of the L with a sink, refrigerator, and grill. This offers an efficient way to prep, cook, and clean up.  


Let’s just say that this layout is perfect for entertaining!  


Benefits of L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Spaces  


Being that L-shaped layouts are some of the most popular, it’s no wonder that they offer many benefits. Trust us, once you’ve cooked in an L-shaped kitchen, you won’t want to cook in anything else!  


Some of the benefits include: 


Open Floor Plan  


With an L-shaped kitchen, you have plenty of counter space for preparing food and drinks, as well as ample seating for guests. The open concept also allows everyone to mingle and socialize while soaking in the fresh air and sunshine.  


Open floor plans allow for better socialization  

opportunities for the cook and guests alike 


Plus, with a variety of customizable features such as built-in grills, sinks, refrigerators, and even pizza ovensyou can create a backyard oasis that perfectly suits your needs. 




Versatility is key when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen. L-shaped kitchens are a great option for those who want to maximize their outdoor space and create a functional area that can accommodate both cooking and socializing. This design allows for easy flow and accessibility, making it perfect for hosting large gatherings or intimate dinners. 


The L-shape can be customized to fit any backyard layout and can be designed to suit your unique space, no matter if you want to install it against a wall, or as more of a centerpiece of your outdoor space.   


Enhanced Efficiency  


With its unique angle, an L-shaped kitchen can provide ample workspace while also maximizing storage space. 


One of the biggest advantages of an L-shaped kitchen is that it allows

for easy flow and movement between different areas.  


You can easily move between the refrigerator, stove, sink, and prep area without having to navigate around obstacles or bump into other people. This makes cooking and entertaining a breeze! 


Another benefit of an L-shaped outdoor kitchen is that it provides plenty of counter space for food preparation and serving. Whether you’re grilling up burgers or preparing a gourmet meal, you’ll have all the space you need to chop vegetables, mix marinades, and plate your dishes with ease. 

Tips & Tricks for Planning Outdoor Kitchen Zones  


Because of its versatility, the L-shaped layout offers many configurations for your outdoor cooking space. When planning your layout, we recommend including the following: 


  • Cooking Zone: This is where your grill, pizza oven, side burners, etc. will be, and where you’ll do all your cooking and grilling. We recommend, if possible, situating it in a way where the cook’s back will not be to guests, so they won’t be excluded from socializing.  


  • Prep Area: Your prep zone should be right next to your cooking zone since it’s where you will cut meat and veggies and prep food for the grill or oven. We recommend including an outdoor sink and trash cabinet to maximize efficiency and cleanliness in your space.   


  • Serving Zone: This should ideally be near where you are cooking so you can streamline plating food for your guests. If you want to amp up this area, consider including a warming drawer to keep food warm while playing games or when prepping for a large group.  


  • Entertainment Zone: This is the area where your guests will relax while the grillmaster or chef is cooking. It could be a separate seating area, bar seating, or a poolside lounge.  

Outdoor L-Shaped Kitchen by Synergy Outdoor Living


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Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen  


Whether you’re grilling up steaks on a hot summer day or enjoying cocktails with friends in the evening breeze, an L-shaped outdoor kitchen will provide you with endless opportunities for entertainment and relaxation.  


So why wait? Start planning your dream outdoor kitchen today! Contact our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living to get started on creating your dream outdoor space in Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville today!  

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