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You’ve decided to make this summer amazing by installing a new outdoor kitchen. Great choice!  Now you’ll be tasked with making a tough decision… “What grill do I want?” in my outdoor living space. 


Grills are an important purchase. Much like the outdoor kitchen itself, you’ll want a quality product that will keep you happy for years to come. There are many grills out there to choose from, trust us.  


To keep things simple, our experts at Synergy Outdoor Living will be breaking down the different classes of grills to help narrow down your decision when we build your kitchen! When you’re ready to take the next steps, give us a call! 


Practical Grills 

When looking for a grill, everyone has their wants and needs. A practical grill is great as it fulfills the needs of the average griller. So if you’re looking for a functional, well-built grill that can handle all of your basic grilling needs, you’re looking in the right place! 


Why Choose Practical? 

If you want something affordable and don’t mind having fewer embellishments, this type of grill would work for you! These are great for someone looking to do basic, occasional grilling. With this option, you’ll be able to entertain guests while getting a great entry-level model.  


Premium Grills 

So, you’ve seen what a practical grill is, but you want something more… premium. Fortunately, at only a moderate step up in price, you can find numerous premium grill options with many additional features! 


Why Choose Premium? 

These grills are nearly perfect for the home grillmaster who wants to confidently tackle any challenge. Looking for options that have the ability to transform with add-ons such as a rotisserie or a smoker box? Then a premium grill may have everything you are looking for! 


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Luxury Grills 

The luxury tier contains all of the top-of-the-line offerings, for those who are grill experts. From build quality to grilling versatility, these grills have it all. 


With the various warranties that may come with a luxury grill, they should last a lifetime. These grills are superior in both function, aesthetics, and add-ons. A luxury tier grill is the most forgiving when it comes to grilling. In many ways, the guesswork is taken out of the process with built-in thermometers and other high-end features. 


Why Choose Luxury? 

Luxury grills truly have it all, and you’d be pressed to find any complaints with nearly any luxury model. If you are an avid grill expert (or a future one) who loves to entertain, this option may be right for you. From seemingly endless attachments to the extreme focus to detail on the build, you’ll know that a luxury tier grill will last you a lifetime. 



Call Synergy Outdoor Living to Get Started! 

Whether you’re trying to stay on a budget or go all out, everyone is family in the world of outdoor kitchens. If you’re wondering exactly what it would take to build your own grilling oasis, give Synergy Outdoor Living a call today to get started! 

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