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Synergy Outdoor Living offers a variety of high-end grill options for customers to choose from. Although grills have various designs and features, the goal is always to cook and entertain with ease. Evo America’s unique flattop design not only stands out from what typical grills look like, but they provide superb grill quality as well.


Evo’s innovative design brings something new to the table with its line of flattop grills. Built with the home chef and the entertainer in mind, the flattops made by Evo America are truly something special.  


Today, we’ll go over some of Evo America’s best outdoor options, and show you why we love them so much. Let’s get started! 

Credit: EVO Grills

What is a Flattop Grill? 

It’s in the name! A flattop grill is a type of grill that features a flat surface, as opposed to the traditional grated style with raised bars. This design has several cooking advantages. 


  • Allows for even cooking, since there are no hot spots caused by the bars.  
  • Easy to clean, since food is less likely to get stuck in the bars.  
  • Allows you to cook multiple items at once since there is more surface area.  
  • It makes flipping and moving food around easier since there are no bars in the way. 
  • Grill directly on the flattop, or use pots and pans. Or do both at the same time! 


All of these factors make a flattop grill a great choice for any grilling enthusiast. So if you’re in the market for a new grill, check out a flattop model. 


Why We LOVE the Evo Affinity 

The Evo flattop models offer temperature control, making the cooking experience seamless. By using inner and outer gas tube burners, Evo’s technology allows independent heat adjustment across inner and outer cook surface zones for managing a wide range of menu possibilities.  


The heat is delivered to each burner via separate inner and outer control knobs, so you can cook at two temperatures at the same time, on the same grill! 



Choices of Models 

The Evo flattops come in a few different residential models. The Affinity series are built-in, perfect for custom outdoor kitchens. Let’s check out what they have to offer: 


Affinity 30G 

Drop-in for Large Custom Outdoor Kitchens 

  • 30” Circular Steel Cooking Surface 
  • 225ºF – 550ºF 


Learn More > Go Big! 


Affinity 25G 

Drop-in for Small Custom Outdoor Kitchens 

  • 25” Circular Steel Cooking Surface 
  • 225ºF – 525ºF 


Learn More > Just the Right Size 


Professional Wheeled Cart 

Free-Standing Gas Grill 

  • 30” Circular Steel Cooking Surface 
  • 225ºF – 550ºF 
  • Move the Grill with the Party!
  • Can Potentially Attach Spinner Rims? 


Learn More > Get Wheelin’ 


Professional Tabletop 

Portable Gas Grill 

  • 30” Circular Steel Cooking Surface 
  • 225ºF – 550ºF 
  • Fully Portable 
  • Turn Any Patio into an Outdoor Kitchen! 


Learn More > Grilling on the Road (Not While Driving) 



A Social Grilling Experience 


The Evo flattop gives you a lot of freedom in your outdoor kitchen. Perfect for entertaining, or just grilling by yourself, the Evo gives you a grilling experience similar to that of a commercial kitchen! 


Either cook directly on the flattop or use it as a stove for pots and pans! No matter the meal, Evo takes the hassle out of the cooking surface, and lets you do it all in one place! 



Used by the Pros 


The Evo Affinity has the official stamp of approval from TV’s Sam the Cooking Guy. Every recipe he takes on is flawlessly assisted by the convenience and power of his Evo flattop grill. 


Check out his official video for Evo America below!


It’s Time to EVOlve your Outdoor Kitchen with Synergy Outdoor Living 


Are you looking for a grill that can really do it all? Do you love the idea of a flattop grill? Have you seen Sam the Cooking Guy’s channel and fallen in love with the Evo Affinity? If any of these answers are yes, you’ve found the perfect grill for you! 


Of course, no grill is complete on its own! Our expert designers at Synergy Outdoor Living will build you the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, giving you the space and tools you need to be the GO-TO location for friends and family! 


Get started today and give Synergy Outdoor Living a call to speak with our amazing design team!  

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