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For us, the answer to this question is an obvious and resounding “Yes!”  If it’s something you’re considering adding to your home, it can be an incredibly worthwhile investment.

At Synergy Outdoor Living, we specialize in building your dream kitchen. We love working with our clients to design and build out beautiful outdoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens have become a major trend in homeownership, and new styles are emerging every year. Living in our wonderful state of Florida – allows us to be comfortable outside all year long. We believe in making the most of our endless summers.

Is an Outdoor Kitchen on Your Mind? 

Outdoor kitchens are always on trend! Here, you can leave the doors open and combine your indoor/outdoor living. 

If you can imagine yourself prepping, cooking, and eating your meals outside – then we really believe that an outdoor kitchen could be right for you. It’s an added space that makes your home feel more your own. It’s a luxury that can be easily shared with your friends and family.  

What to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen 

If you’re wanting to add an outdoor kitchen to your home – there are a few things to consider first to make sure that it would be worth it for you. We will work with you and your budget to see how we can make your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality.  

However, there are questions that you have to ask yourself before you start the process of building your outdoor kitchen:

Can You Afford to Build a Quality Outdoor Kitchen? 

Budgeting is important, and so is making sure that you’re getting what you want. We want you to get the highest value of a space that we know will get used frequently! We want you to get the highest value from a space that we know will get used frequently! We can help you work through these variables: 

  • Building materials 
  • Gas or charcoal grill 
  • Storage 
  • Outdoor refrigerator 
  • Water fixtures 

Here at Synergy Outdoor Living, we believe in using the highest quality materials, but we also will do our best to work within your budget. (We have some great outdoor kitchen packages that give some design flexibility and affordability). Contact us today to learn about our process, the materials, and the appliances we use, and to get an in-home consultation with our design team. We will work hard to make the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!  

What Kind of Materials Will You Use to Build Your Outdoor Kitchen? 

Because you live in Florida, we use materials that are less likely to erode with sunshine and moisture. The kitchen you build must be made with weather-safe materials. Quality materials such as Starboard will stand up to the test of time, weather, sunshine, and greatly extend the life of your kitchen.

If you’re in a higher-end neighborhood, it’s wise to use luxury materials as this will be a way for the outdoor kitchen to set apart on the housing market should you ever list your home for resale.  

What Features Do You Want for Your Outdoor Kitchen? 

The features in your outdoor kitchen serve two primary purposes: function and aesthetics. Functional features are things like the water supply, a direct gas line for your grill, and the appliances you choose. Aesthetic features are along the lines of granite countertops, water fixtures, built-in grills, and the seating area. 

It really all depends on your budget, the amount of outdoor space you’re working with, and the type of equipment you need. There are additions to consider outside of a grill – for instance, if you’d like to include a pizza oven or a smoker.

What Our Clients Have to Say 

As we said to begin with – we stand by our custom outdoor kitchens, and we 100% believe that your home is worth the investment. You don’t just have to take our word for it though – just look at what Susan H. has to say about our work:

In this day and age, it is hard to find this level of service. The product is great. Everything that was promised was delivered on time and all questions were answered promptly. Once installed, he showed us how to operate and clean the grill and answered every other crazy question we had. I highly recommend Synergy for an outdoor kitchen.  

Thanks for your 5-star review, Susan!  

Let’s Make Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen 

Here, we work hard to make your life easier. Building an outdoor kitchen is no small task, and we will be with you all along the way to make sure that you’re getting the fixtures and features that you’ve been dreaming of.  

Contact us today to get an in-home design consultation. Let’s make your outdoor dream a reality – together! 

Synergy Outdoor Living