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Say hello to the holidays once again. It’s time to get shopping before Santa shows. Every family has its very own “best-ever” grill master – so why not give them a grilling gift. Plus, if you get the right gift, you might reap the benefits by serving as a taste-tester to perfectly grilled steak, slow-cooked cuts, and messy hot barbeque.  

Keep reading for some inspiration this gift-giving season for tools that are sure to be used all year long! 

 A New Gourmet Grill  

If you are feeling extra generous, consider gifting a gourmet, built-in grill. With a nice quality grill, your grill master can sear steaks, fish, burgers, chicken, or pork. You can grill veggies for side dishes or for vegetarians. While we can’t deliver before Christmas, we certainly can be in on the surprise with a design mockup & even grilling accessories they can’t wait to use! 

There are a few different options that can complete your amazing outdoor kitchen area: 

  • Wood-fueled pellet grill provides you the flexibility to cook low and slow or hot and quick. Using ignited wood pellets and a system of fans, this grill acts almost like an outdoor oven. They can be used to smoke, grill, bake, and braise food.  
  • A gas or propane grill dramatically reduces the wait time for a meal cooked to perfection.
  • Smokers like Primo allow for gentler cooking that results in a more tender texture. Meat cooked in a smoker for long periods at low temperatures develops a unique mouth-watering flavor. Smokers It is an excellent grill for cooking barbeque. 
  • The unmistakable flavor of meat cooked over charcoal can be created with a charcoal grill. They come in several shapes and sizes. 
  • Griddle style grills are fueled by propane and cook food evenly. These are fun social-style grills that add to your outdoor entertaining experience.    

Want to take your backyard to the next level? We’ll turn your yard into paradise. Contact Synergy Outdoor Living to get your free estimate and start your outdoor kitchen project today!  

Get the Gear: Grilling Tools 

A variety of tools can simplify your grill master’s workflow while facing the heat.  


While your grill master is likely to already have their toolkit of grilling utensils, the collection always has room to grow! 

Meat shredding claws are great for BBQ enthusiasts. A nice meat tenderizer can help your griller take steak to the next level. A hand grinder for freshly ground beef would be perfect for Friday night burgers.   

Nice knives always make excellent gifts. Neat (and sharp) multi-purpose tools will help your griller work more efficiently and skillfully.  


There are plenty of accessories that can help your grill master spice up their grilling experience and presentation. Aprons and grill gloves can keep him or her safe from burns and a grilling tool belt can keep them organized.  

Stocking Stuffers 

If you are just looking for some smaller items to gift as a side dish for a grill, there are a variety of smaller grill-related accessories to give. Items like nice metal skewers, a grill thermometer, grill mitts, seasonings, or sauce dishes are perfect stocking stuffers. 

Since You’re Here > Outdoor Grilling Station Must-Haves 

The Gift that Keeps on Grilling 

 Inspire your grill master to unleash his or her creativity with a grilling gift this holiday season! From small stocking stuffers to a total backyard makeover, grill-related gifts are wonderful this time of year. After all, thanks to our endless summers we can grill all year round!  

If you are ready to build your backyard oasis, let us be the team to help you! Contact Synergy Outdoor Living to create a grill master’s sweet escape that will bring together friends and family for delicious meals and lasting memories for the holiday seasons to come.  

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