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If you’re in the market for a new grill that will help you step up your steak night and spice up your grilling technique, look no further than the Summerset Sizzler Series. Known for their exceptional quality, fantastic value, and helpful customer service, Summerset offers some of the best grills on the market.

As more home chefs take their cooking skills outdoors, Synergy Outdoor Living strives to provide grill masters (or soon-to-be grill masters!) with high-end products that will last for many delicious al fresco meals and social gatherings to come.

The Sizzler and Sizzler Pro gas grills are two of our favorite grills to incorporate into our outdoor kitchen builds, so keep reading to learn more about these powerhouses!

Affordable Quality & Powerful Grilling Performance

Constructed entirely with #443 stainless steel and careful precision, Summerset Sizzler grills are an extremely durable product at a price that can’t be beaten. Protected against rust, they are easy to maintain in our Florida weather and humidity. With stainless steel tube burners, these grills can handle a high 12,000 BTU rating, allowing for versatility to concoct a variety of mouth-watering grilled meals.

The double-lined hood offers maximal internal heat retention while maintaining a safe exterior temperature. The infrared back burner provides an option for ultra-high heat like the most luxurious steakhouses, allowing you to grill delicious and tender steaks in no time.

Feeling inspired to transform your outdoor space into a personal utopia? Contact our outdoor living designers at Synergy Outdoor Living today to get started— 813-322-2137!


Sizzlers for the Best Outdoor Cooking Experience

Summerset offers several variations and accessories to best suit the needs of your custom outdoor kitchen.

Built-In Sizzlers

● 26” Gas Grill

● 32” Gas Grill

● 40” Gas Grill

Built-In Pro Sizzlers

● 32” Gas Grill

● 40” Gas Grill

Freestanding Sizzlers

● 26” Gas Grill

● 32” Gas Grill

● 40” Gas Grill

Freestanding Pro Sizzlers

● 32” Gas Grill

● 40” Gas Grill

Sizzler Cooking Accessories

● Double Side Burner

● Pro Double Side Burner

● Side Burner Bracket for Sizzler Carts


The gas grills in the Summerset Sizzler series offer LED front panel lighting, a built-in temperature gauge, 8mm cooking grates, and flame thrower ignition. Their locked-in briquette trays evenly disperse heat across the entire surface and offer easy cleanup.

Summerset Professional grills are protected by a lifetime warranty with all replacement parts 100% non-prorated. We’re ready to help you create your dream backyard. Give us a call and we’ll chat all about these grills!


Highly durable and easy to maintain, a Summerset Sizzler grill would be the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.


You Can’t Beat USA Made > Our Outdoor Favorites Made Here at Home


Time to Get Grilling!

Summerset offers a variety of grills to suit your family’s outdoor living needs. The Sizzler series is ready for you to turn on the burners and grill up food that will fill your backyard with delicious smells and hungry bellies.

If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor kitchen, Synergy Outdoor Living is here to help. With the Sizzler Pro as one of our go-to grills, we have plenty on hand that are ready to be added to your amazing outdoor kitchen in no time. We are ready to infuse your backyard with luxury and get you enjoying your outdoor living space!

Call our design team today to get started!

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