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Florida is known for its beautiful weather year-round and with this comes a lot of outdoor living (and grilling of course). You’ve got your perfect playlist, already made your grocery run, and have the perfect steak to start cooking. But the trips back and forth between the kitchen and the backyard have become a headache. So, what do you do?  

Here are 5 new design ideas for how to turn your backyard grilling area into your ideal outdoor kitchen oasis: 

Urban Farmhouse Outdoor Kitchen 

What would it be like to be able to step into your backyard and feel like you’d been transported to an urban oasis complete with a simple grill and quaint table? A farmhouse style outdoor kitchen is perfect for someone looking for a place to unplug from the chaos and spend time outside with a quiet book on a serene Sunday. 

Call on the pros at Synergy Outdoor Living to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! Get started designing your dream yard for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville home. 

Mid-Century Modern Inspired 

A big backyard is like a blank canvas, and if you are a lover of mid-century modern design, consider choosing a more contemporary and open floor plan to mix in with your grilling and seating area.  

You’ve got the space, but that doesn’t mean you need to take away the view with too much clutter!  

Whether you want a patio made of stone, brick, or concrete, you will have the perfect place to throw a party, especially if you incorporate a grill, custom fire pit, or fireplace from Synergy Outdoor Living! Contact us today to talk outdoor kitchens: 877.664.0770 

Rustic Outdoor Living 

Is a more rustic, southern feel your design aesthetic? Consider looking to countryside homes—where rustic design reigns—for inspiration. This style can be found all throughout Southern California and other western cities where the weather can be very similar to that found in Tampa Bay. 

This relaxing design style can be the difference between making an everyday gathering an experience your family won’t forget!  

Ready to add a rustic feel to your outdoor oasis? A custom-made fire pit can take your patio from ordinary to extraordinary! Call Synergy today!  

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Stone Outdoor Kitchen 

One of the most timeless and classic approaches to design is to incorporate stone walls, countertops, and firepits into your outdoor space which allows you to seamlessly blend your style with your surroundings.  

Stone accents are appropriate for those looking to add character to their backyard seating area as a transition between a stone kitchen to poolside. The best part? Due to the wide variety of stone colors and textures, it can be incorporated into any design aesthetic, from traditional to modern, and everything in-between! 

Beach Beauty 

There’s no denying one of the reasons that people are drawn to Florida is because of our beautiful beaches that you can enjoy whether you drive east or west. Bring this beachy feel to your outdoor kitchen by including accents that you might find at the beachside such as tropical shrubs, palm trees, and pastel colors. Maybe bringing sand home from the beach wouldn’t be such a bad thing after-all… 

Stop dreaming about the beach and incorporate it into your outdoor patio design! We can include colors and accents to make your outdoor kitchen space feel like a day at the beach. Meet our designers to get started or begin with our design packages!  

outdoor kitchen with grill and refrigeration in Apollo Beach Florida

Custom Outdoor Kitchens 

Ready to design an outdoor space where you can kick back and relax after work and on the weekends? Each of these design ideas will be a great place to start by combining your design style with a beautiful outdoor scene.  

Make your house the destination spot! Be sure to visit our gallery and consider some of the combinations that might give you some outdoor kitchen design inspiration. Let’s build your dream outdoor space! If you live near Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville, contact Synergy Outdoor Living today for a quote. Call us at 877.664.0770 or email us at today! 

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