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Are you ready to truly love your backyard?? Installing an outdoor kitchen is 100% the way to go! Not only will it expand your living space, but it will also provide entertainment (and some really good food!) for your friends and family for years to come.  

If you’re going to invest in an outdoor kitchen, you may as well do it up and create a dream kitchen that you love and one that is beautiful, comfortable, and functional.  Here are the five musthaves that will make it complete.  

#1: A Really Good Grill  

Cooking outdoors = grilling, so whether you’re spending a quiet evening with the family or hosting a large gathering, having the right grill makes preparing your favorite grilled foods easy. From burgers to steaks, vegetables, fruits, and more a quality grill will improve every aspect of your outdoor kitchen including its appearance, functionality, and most importantly, the taste of your food 

Key factors to consider when choosing your grill include the energy source (gas, electric, charcoal, or propane), the location, ventilation, and budget.  

At Synergy Outdoor Living, we offer some of the best grills on the market including Twin Eagle Grills, Delta Heat, Summerset, and more! Learn more about our outdoor kitchens, grills, and accessories, give us a call to get started a813-322-2137! 


#2: An Outdoor Sink 

So many people think they won’t need to add the expense of a kitchen sink. Big mistake!  

An outdoor sink makes grilling a much more enjoyable and convenient process. Wash your hands, scrub veggies, clean up messes, do dishes, and more! Trust us, it’s 100% worth the money.  

#3: Plenty of Countertop Space 

Cooking inside is frustrating with limited countertop space, and it’s no different when cooking outdoors. Countertop space is an essential component to creating a functional outdoor kitchen, as it gives you plenty of room to prep and serve food.  

Limited on space? No problem. The design experts at Synergy Outdoor Living will make the most of the space you have and maximize your countertop space.  


#4: Storage 

A cluttered kitchen is a chaotic kitchen, especially if space is limited. The solution? Plenty of storage space! Stow away grilling utensils, cleaning materials, plates, cups, silverware, anything that you use often while spending time in your outdoor kitchen.  


#5: A Well-Designed Dining Space 

When you live in Florida, outdoor dining is a must. You’re investing in your dream outdoor kitchen; the dining part of the design needs to be perfect 

Essential items you should factor into your outdoor dining space include:  

  • Ample seating: a dining table and chairs, barstools (if your dream kitchen will include a bar) 
  • Cooling: fans and/or misters to keep your space cool and comfortable (even on those steamy summer days) 
  • Shade: an umbrella, pergola, or covered lanai that will provide shade while eating 
  • Lighting: strategically placed outdoor lighting that will create a warm, pleasant, and welcoming environment 

Include lights, furniture, a pergola, and more into your outdoor kitchen design with Synergy Outdoor Living. You dream it, we can design and build it. Even better? We’ll make sure it’s within your dream budget too. Call today to meet our outdoor kitchen designers!   


Build Your Outdoor Dream Kitchen  

When you live in Florida, time outdoors is a part of our lifestyle. You’ll want to create a backyard you love complete with your amazing new outdoor kitchen.  

Ready to get started building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? The design experts at Synergy Outdoor Living can help build a space that will be the place of memories for years to come. Learn more about our local outdoor living services and productsTo schedule an appointment with our TampaOrlando, Jacksonville, kitchen designers, simply call 813-322-2137 

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