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When you’re ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level, then it’s time to consider adding a fire or water feature (or a combination of both!). capturing the true essence of Florida living, adding the elements are sure to become a focal point in your backyard. A fire or water feature will add the perfect amount of sound and visual appeal to stimulate the senses 

The outdoor living experts at Synergy Outdoor Living weigh in on the benefits of adding a fire or water feature and design factors to consider for your renovation... 

Designing with Fire 

Get ready to bring the heat and create a truly unique feature that will WOW family and friends for years to come. There’s just something about a fire that brings people together, creating a wonderful, social focal point at night or one of our rare cool days.  

Whether you opt for a custom outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or fire table, Synergy Outdoor Living has a fire element that will suit your needs, design preferences, and lifestyle. Choose from woodburningelectricor gas-powered to have a warm, inviting outdoor living area that gives your lanai new life 

What to consider when choosing your fire feature:  

  • Location: It is important to consider space requirements, convenience, and safety when deciding on the location of your fire feature. Also, if you place it just right, you can enjoy the warm, bright fire both indoors and out!  
  • Size: Ideally, you want a minimum of seven feet around all sides of the fire feature to provide enough space to safely sit or move around. 
  • Type: The type of fire feature you choose should enhance your lifestyle while also complimenting your design aesthetic.  

Add some heat to your backyard with a custom fire feature from Synergy Outdoor Living! If you live near Tampa Bay, Orlando, or Jacksonville call 813-322-2137 to speak with our design team or to schedule a free estimate! 


Designing with Water 

Whether you want to mask loud noises, create a place of peace and tranquility, or have a visually pleasing focal point, there are many reasons to add a water feature to your backyard oasis. From custom waterfalls to beautifully designed water fountains, Synergy Outdoor Living can capture exactly what you’re looking for.  

When designing your dream water feature, consider: 

  • The overall design concept of your outdoor living area  
  • Type of water feature – if you dream it, we can build it 
  • Layout and size of your property and any space restrictions 
  • Location (of the fountain or waterfall, but also how close you are to traffic and neighbors 
  • Proximity to water connections and drains. Our designers will help you make sure it stays structurally sound and there are no drainage issues.  

 Make a splash in your backyard with a stunning, custom water feature by Synergy Outdoor Living! Our design team can help you choose the perfect water feature to complement your new outdoor oasis.  

 Fire or Water: Choosing the Perfect Focal Point 

From water features, fire features, or a combo of both, we can create the outdoor living space of your dreams! At Synergy Outdoor Living, we are a proud leader in custom outdoor design for homes near Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando. 

Ready to get started? Call our outdoor design experts at 813-322-2137 to meet with a designer. Or start with one of our convenient outdoor kitchen packages and request an appointment to add fire & water features to your dream outdoor living area.    

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