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“I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual.” – Bobby Flay 


Grills are hot (pun intended!), and thanks to the demand for custom outdoor kitchens, they’re hotter than ever!  

With endless options offered by a variety of manufacturers, it’s hard to distinguish which grills are the best and worth the investment. Synergy Outdoor Living is here to help with tips on how to choose the best barbeque grill for your dream outdoor living space.  

Tips on How to Choose the Best Grill

Whatever your grill needs are, trust us, there’s a grill to match. Here’s how to choose wisely: 

Do your research.  

Searching for the best builtin grills for your new outdoor kitchen? Thanks to Google, it’s never been easier to do extensive research on grills. Educating yourself about the grill you intend to purchase can make you feel more comfortable and the cooking experience that much more enjoyable.  

Stop searching! Our outdoor kitchen designers can help save you time and guide you to the best fit for your outdoor living space. 


Identify your needs.  

This sounds like a nobrainer, but so many people choose looks over function. You need to purchase a grill that meets your needs. Trust us, all the options today will look great 

If you want convenience, we recommend a built-in gas grill. Want a grill with more heat control? Consider a charcoal or smoker grill that allows you to control the amount of heat by the size of the fire you build with the charcoal.  


Consider your space.  

Before you purchase a grill, consider the area where it will go and the amount of space you have. For example, a round or oval-shaped grill (such as an Evo Socialwill not work well in a corner. Also, consider how big the grill is with respect to your spaceto make sure it is sized appropriately for your new outdoor kitchen.  

Interested in adding an outdoor kitchen to your home? The experts at Synergy Outdoor Living will help design the best kitchen for your space, which includes choosing the right grill.   


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Set a budget.  

At Synergy Outdoor Living, we don’t necessarily think you have to break the bank when it comes to purchasing a grill, BUT we do believe in investing in quality.  

With that in mind, choose the best grill within your budget that will fulfill your needs and give you the quality and performance that you’re looking for.  


Consider the construction and quality.  

Knowing how your grill is built and how it works makes the grill-buying process a lot easier. If possible, shop around, lift the grill hood, check out the knobs, handles, and grill grates. More importantly, check the joints, welding, and hardware – all of which are indicators of good quality.  

Visit our Orlando and Tampa designer showrooms which feature a variety of grills, including built-in options, Kamado smokers, Evo Social Cooktops, and more!  


Look for the best capabilities and features. 

Today’s grills are extremely innovative with advanced technologies such as temperature control boards, direct grilling, and more. Make a list of the features you want the most, consider your budget, and start shopping! If you need help deciding on the best grill for your home, call our outdoor living experts  


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Go for convenience.  

Grilling is supposed to be enjoyableGrillmastersthis is your leisure time!  

Gas grills are certainly the most convenient, but today’s charcoal grills have been updated to convenient features such as built-in ignitors which allow for temperature control and easy clean-up.   


Get the Grill of Your Dreams 

Synergy Outdoor Living can build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams complete with the PERFECT grill! 

Ready to build the outdoor living area? If you live near Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville, FL, we’d love to help you create your outdoor oasis. Call the experts at Synergy Outdoor Living today at 813-322-2137 to meet with a designer or start with our outdoor kitchen packages 


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