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Kamado vs. kamado. It’s simple right? Not so fast! Big Green Egg introduced kamado cooking to the United States way back in the 1970s, and since then, several brands have hit the grill market that try recreate this magic with little to no success. Enter Primo Grills – the first kamado grill that truly rivals the Big Green Egg 

At Synergy Outdoor Living, we like practically any grill and help homeowners decide if they are Team Big Green Egg or Primo. The good news? Both are awesome and a great investment for any grilling aficionado. Let’s take a closer look at each: 


What is a Kamado Grill 

For those future grillmasters, kamado is the Japanese word for “stove” or “cooking range” and means a “place for the cauldron.” These ceramic grills first came to the attention of Americans after World War II, but it wasn’t until the mid-70’s when the Big Green Egg models began to be imported from Japan.  

Thanks to innovations like oval-shaped cooking chambers, split-level cooking systems, and all-new materials like cast aluminum, kamados have come a long way since thenWhether you choose a Big Egg or a Primo, all kamado grills work on the same basic principles:  

  • Wood burning vessel (no gas needed!) 
  • Thick walls which provide insulation for long cooks 
  • Vents on the top and bottom for temperature control  


Grilling on the Big Green Egg  

Big Green Egg offers a dependable cooking experience. However, this dependability stems from its simple design and single cooking chamber that can be used for either direct or indirect cooking, thus limiting cooking versatility 


About the Big Green Egg: 

  • Manufactured in Mexico 
  • Wellestablished company which remains the biggest name in the kamado industry 
  • High-fire ceramics and glaze, both backed by a lifetime warranty  
  • Basic one-level cooking system 
  • Available in 10”, 13”, 15”, 18”, and 29” diameters 
  • Most accessories sold separately  


Want to design the perfect outdoor kitchen complete with a kamado smoker grill? We bring our showroom to you or you can visit Synergy Outdoor Living in Tampa or Orlando to see some options that may fit your dream space. 


Primo – A Great Kamado Grill Option  

Primo Grills made one major alteration to Big Green Egg’s design that established them as a key player in the kamado game. Rather than go with the traditional round (or egg-shaped), Primo opted for an oval shape which allows for the versatility dual-zone cooking. Thanks to this innovationa thick steak and veggies can be grilled to perfection at the same time 


About the Primo Grill: 

  • Manufactured in the United States 
  • Reputable company established in 1996 and well-known for its innovation and craftmanship 
  • Ceramics backed by a lifetime warranty with a 20-year guarantee 
  • Unique oval shape with split, multi-level cooking grates 
  • Available in 25” x 18.5”, 22” x 15”, 18.5” x 13.5”, and 18.5” diameters 
  • Grill accessories included with the All-In-One Series or sold separately 


Are you interested in adding a Big Green Egg or Primo Grill to your dream outdoor kitchen? We’ve got you covered! Call the grill experts of Synergy Outdoor Living at 813-322-2137. 


Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen  

Synergy Outdoor Living believes that everyone deserves a beautiful outdoor living space for family and friends to enjoy! Whether you’re team Big Green Egg or prefer Primo, you’ll have fun cooking on these unique grills for years to come.  

Ready to get started? Call the outdoor living experts at Synergy Outdoor Living today at 813-322-2137 or start designing with one of our convenient outdoor kitchen packagesOur design team will help you pick the best grills and accessories for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville area home.  


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