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Light it up; let’s get grilling! 


New grill? That fancy piece of equipment is only as good as you know how to use it! And if you’re not quite a grill master yet, no worries. The pros at Synergy Outdoor Living are here to help with our beginner’s guide to gas grilling. Let’s get grilling!  


Gas Grilling Basics

The main reason home cooks choose a gas grill over a charcoal option isn’t just because it looks better, but because it’s easier to operate. With just the click of a button and the turn of a knob, you’re grilling! 

There’s no charcoal chimney to sort, no “building” zones to worry about. Other benefits you’ll enjoy with your new gas grill include: 

  • Effortless preheating and lighting 
  • Temperature control  
  • Easy clean-up  
  • Accessory options, i.e. side burners, storage space, etc.  
  • Even cooking 
  • Safety 


We know you’re going to enjoy that new grill! Ready to put that new gas grill to use, but haven’t made it a reality yet? Get started on your new outdoor kitchen. See our design packages or call the experts at Synergy Outdoor Living at 813-322-2137 for a FREE design consultation! 


Cleaning Your Grill 

Want to achieve perfect grill marks on your steak and effortlessly flipped seafood? You’ve got to clean your grill! We recommend a good cleaning after each use for optimal performance.  

To clean your grill, turn the fuel source off, and remove and scrub the grates. Next, clean the grill components under the grates (paying extra attention to burner tubes), then wipe out the interior of the lid and the exterior. Every grill is different, so check your owner’s manual for specific cleaning tips.  

For more tips from Synergy Outdoor Living on how to properly clean your grill, click here 


Checking the Tank if Your Grill Uses One 

While many of our kitchens include adding or connecting to a gas line, propane is another common type of gas used for grilling. With this option, your first purchase will include the tank and propane. Thereafter, you exchange an empty tank for a full one 

But there’s nothing worse than going to turn on the grill and it not lighting so we highly recommend you go with a gas line option to never run out of propane again. 

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food on the grill tips for beginner grillmasters

Lighting Your Grill

There are two main rules to remember before lighting your grill: 

  • Keep the grill lid open.  
  • Turn one burner to high (or “light”) and then press the ignite or auto-light button, located on the front of your grill. Once the first burner is lit, you can easily light and adjust the other two or three burners 


If your grill doesn’t light, look for the “manual lighting hole” which is found on the side of most modern gas grills. Light the burner closest to the hole and carefully insert a lit match (preferably a long one!). The burner should light immediately.  

You’ll go from beginner to grill master in no time. We are your go-go grill and outdoor living experts after allSee our tips to design your dream outdoor kitchenAfter install, the pros at Synergy Outdoor Living will talk you through how to use and maintain your new grill. 


Taking Grilling to the Next Level  

Want to go from beginner to grill master? To get to that next level, here’s what you need to know:   

  • You’ll learn zone cooking with direct and indirect heat as you cook different types of foods on your gas grill 
  • You need to understand when and how to use your grill’s lid, lock, and top rack 
  • Make sure you have the right tools on handi.e. thermometers, long tongs, and skewers. Good ones are worth the splurge. You’ll be grilling a lot! 


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