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Fall is finally here (cool weather is coming soon Florida, we promise)! When people think of fall you think of hot apple cider, hay rides, and getting cozy around an open fire. If you are missing the fire element- you have come to the right place! But which option is right for your family and your home? Let’s discuss a few of the pros and cons of each.


Outdoor Fireplace

The fireplace is the more grand and stylish of the two fire features and will certainly serve as the centerpiece to your outdoor room.

This grandeur will come with a higher price tag than a fire pit, and may require permitting. You will also need to consider if your property has adequate space for the fireplace and for any patio furniture that you may want to place before the fireplace.

If the fireplace fits your property and your budget, you are sure to be pleased with this stunning feature! Give our Tampa Bay design team a call to add one to your amazing outdoor kitchen and living area design.


Fire Pit

These fire features are the perfect option when budget or spacing cannot accommodate a large outdoor fireplace.

One of the many benefits of a fire pit is that family and friends are invited to gather around and enjoy this fire feature. The size also allows more versatility with placement on your property. The circular edge will often serve as a place for a beverage or propping up your feet.


Whichever of these features you prefer, Synergy will be happy to help you discuss your options in more detail, and map out the perfect design. Call us today to get started!

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