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Consumer Reports surveys show a large percentage of people choose to buy American made products. Having pride in our red, white, and blue is just one of the few reasons why the majority would rather buy made in the USA.  Most consumers are even inclined to pay more for goods produced on American soil.  Idoesn’t have to be challenging to find qualified American made items for your outdoor kitchen area. Here our design team has compiled a list of some products we offer made in the grand old U.S.A.! 


Made in America Showcase 

When you add these into your new outdoor kitchen space, you can be proud of more than how your yard looks. Here are some of the best Made in the USA products according to our team and clients! 


Made in USA Grills: 

Delta Heat Grills 

Twin Eagles Grills 

Evo Flat Top Cast Iron Grills  

Summerset American Muscle Grill  

Wood and Gas Fired Pizza Ovens  


Outdoor Pergolas and Pavers Tampa Florida

American-Made Outdoor Covering: 

Pergola Kits – Made in Florida  


Outdoor Furniture: 

Outdoor Patio Furniture made from recycled Polymer   


Made in USA Outdoor Lighting: 

LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting


l shaped outdoor kitchen synergy outdoor living tampa


Outdoor rated TV – The Only TV Manufactured in the USA! An absolute must for any outdoor living area in our opinion. You’re going to be spending more time on your lanai or patio area! 


When you meet our design team, we can let you know the best American made products for your outdoor living area. Call our team for more information on the products we carry or to schedule your free design consultation — 813-322-2137. Check out some of our favorite products and follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram! 


Reasons to Buy Products Made in America 


Especially in uncertain times like these, we all have an interest in keeping the US economy buzzing. We like to support American brands for a few reasons.   


Jobs. Supporting and creating local jobs and innovation is by far the most common reason consumers give for buying American  

Lower Carbon Footprint. Less shipping distance = less burning fuel/gas & lower shipping costs 

Less Pollution. Where other countries are lacking, we have regulations in place to protect the health of the environment.  

Human Rights. You can be confident your goods were produced in a country with decent worker-protection laws. 

Health. The health of American consumers is also threatened by the lack of environmental and safety regulations overseas.  

A Stronger Economy.  These benefits have a ripple effect throughout the entire economy. 


Buy local! Synergy Outdoor Living is proud to support American manufacturers. We can add these products into your outdoor area design anytime. Plus, all of our cabinetry is made locally too! Call today to speak with our design team! 


Quality of American Made Products


Better quality tends associated with Made in America. This means these products may cost a little more; with our designers, you’ll get the look you want at your budget. Many design clients find that goods manufactured here in the US are developed with higher quality components, increasing the life of the product.  When you spot a “Made in the USA” sticker you can rest assured it was built to last! 

Additionally, USbased manufacturing plants have complete control of the entire process when constructing products.  The companies oversee the materials being used and the way the goods are being assembled resulting in the highest quality products.  

Right now, many manufacturers are implementing enhanced safety procedures. Add that to what our outdoor kitchen contractors are doing to protect your home and your outdoor area will be a safe oasis to enjoy.  


Supporting American Businesses 

Help support America and keeppurchasinggoods made here at homeSupport our local citizens by allowing them to provide for their families by keeping and creating. You will help strengthen and sustain our economy for generations to come when you purchase domestically. 

While surpassing simple patriotism, purchasing US manufactured goods from local companies assists in contributing to a positive and secure future for the whole country.  


Ready to buy American for your new and improved outdoor areaCall the Synergy Outdoor Living team today – 813-322-2137We’ll go over the best options for your custom outdoor kitchen.

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