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With spring right around the corner, you might be looking for the perfect new grill to enjoy our beautiful Florida weather with. Look no further! Blaze Grills offers top-of-the-line gas, charcoal, and specialty grills. Thanks to their amazing quality and lifetime warranties, Blaze Grills have been a popular choice for outdoor kitchens for years.  


Synergy Outdoor Living aims to equip every grill master, beginner or expert, with quality products that will stand the test of time. The Professional LUX is one of the most high-end Blaze grills that we love to include in new outdoor kitchen builds! Today, we will show you why they smoke the competition! 



Commercial Grade Quality to Last a Lifetime 


Blaze Grills are crafted with commercial quality 304 cast stainless steel burners that can handle up to 18,000 BTUs of cooking power on the higher models. They are extremely tough and their stainless construction protects them against rust, so maintenance will be a breeze even in our humid Florida climate. 


With up to 1050 square inches of total cooking space on the 44” Professional LUX Blaze Grill, you’ll have more space than ever to throw down delicious entrees and side dishes, all at once! 


Plus, with every grill in Blaze’s lineup, you can enjoy long nights out on the patio with the illuminated control knobs and interior lights that will help you navigate the grilling surface in low light.  



Blaze Grills Offers a Wide Range of Models 


Built-in or standalone, gas or charcoal, even electric! Blaze has it all! 


Built-in Gas Professional LUX 


  • 34” 3-Burner 
  • 44” 4-Burner 


Built-in Gas Premium LTE 


  • Marine Grade 316L 4-Burner 
  • 32” 4-Burner 
  • 40” 5-Burner 


Built-in Gas Prelude LBM 


  • 25” 3-Burner 
  • 32” 4-Burner 


Built-in Charcoal 


  • 32” 


Standing Charcoal 


  • 20” Cast Aluminum Kamado 



Ready to transform your yard into your grilling haven? Contact our outdoor living designers at Synergy Outdoor Living today to get started— 813-322-2137! 



Blaze Grills are extremely tough and their construction protects them against rust, so maintenance will be a breeze even in our humid Florida climate. 



More Accessories than You Can Shake a Spatula At! 


Be the life of the party with everything from beverage centers and fridges, to an extra-large smoker box! Blaze has you covered with any grill accessory that you can imagine, even a pizza stone so you can whip up a delicious pizza on the grill. You’re even able to switch up the look with a new skin for your grill! 



Specialty Cooking 


Blaze offers a wide selection of specialty cooking equipment, from a stand-alone electric grill to a built-in electric smoker. And if you need an outdoor vent hood, they have those too! 


Upgrade your grill with any of these amazing products from Blaze: 


  • Built-in smoker 
  • Blaze electric grill 
  • 30-inch gas griddle LTE 
  • Blaze built-in Premium LTE side burner 
  • Blaze drop-in single side burner 
  • And more!  


Our team at Synergy Outdoor Living can incorporate any of Blaze’s amazing products into your outdoor living space. We’re ready to help you create your dream outdoor kitchen. Give us a call and we’ll chat all about these amazing grills! 


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Get the Grilling Station You’ve Always Wanted 


Blaze Grills is your go-to for an impressive variety of models, matched with top-of-the-line quality. Any of these grills would fit perfectly into the brand new outdoor kitchen of your dreams. To top it all off, Blaze stands by their excellent products with a lifetime warranty, so you know these are meant to last. 


Get started today and give Synergy Outdoor Living a call to speak with our amazing design team! 



Featured Image: Blaze Grills 

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