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Imagine the cool, Florida breeze rustling through the palm trees in your backyard while you prepare a feast for your friends and family on your EVO Flattop Grill. Can’t you just see it? As the sun dips below the horizon and the stars begin to twinkle, the sizzling sounds of your dinner cooking on the EVO Grill become the perfect soundtrack to your evening. Sounds amazing, right?! 

Not sure what an EVO Flattop Grill is? Our outdoor kitchen designers at Synergy Outdoor Living outline what makes these grills so special!  

Evo built in flattop grill

Credit: EVO

EVO: The Ultimate Flattop for Grilling Enthusiasts 

A flattop grill is a must-have for those who appreciate the fine art of cooking. Whether you are a seasoned griller or a novice home cook, this fantastic addition to your outdoor kitchen promises to escalate your cooking experience.  

The EVO flattop grill is not just a grill, but a platform for infinite culinary creativity. It is the ultimate tool for the outdoor kitchen. 

  • Unmatched Versatility: EVO Flattop Grill’s circular cooking surface allows for unmatched versatility. From pancakes for breakfast to grilled steaks for dinner, you can cook it all. 
  • Superior Heat Control: The dual burners provide edge-to-edge consistent heat across the grill surface, ensuring your dishes are cooked evenly and to perfection. 
  • Social Cooking Format: The open, circular design fosters a social cooking format. Your guests can gather around, engage in conversations, and watch the culinary magic unfold. 
  • Quality Product: The EVO Flattop Grill is a top-quality product. Made from high-grade stainless steel, it’s designed to withstand the elements and last for years. 

Yes, EVO grills are not only a fantastic investment for your outdoor kitchen, but also a gateway to creating unforgettable experiences!  

built in evo grill in outdoor kitchen

Credit: EVO 


Unleash Your Inner Chef: Cooking with EVO 

With its circular design, your guests can gather around the EVO and participate in the cooking experience, making your Florida night gatherings more interactive and fun. Plus, its revolutionary design allows aspiring chefs or grillmasters to experiment with diverse cooking techniques.  

food grilling on Evo grill

Credit: EVO 


What Kind of Cooking Can I Do on an EVO Grill?  

Embarking on the thrilling journey of culinary exploration is indeed an exciting endeavor, especially when you’re equipped with the perfect tools like the EVO Flattop Grill. 

This outstanding grill allows you to play around with a plethora 

of cooking methods in your open-air kitchen. 

On an EVO, you can: 

  • Braise 
  • Saute 
  • Stir-frying 
  • Plancha (flattop) grilling  
  • Pan fry 
  • Roast 
  • Poach 
  • Smoking 
  • Steam 
  • Toast 

The possibilities are virtually endless, and that’s what we love about it!  

Our Favorite EVO Grills  

For residential outdoor kitchens, we highly recommend the Affinity 25G or the larger Affinity 30G. Both are specifically designed for built-in installation in outdoor kitchens, offering an elegant and functional solution for your outdoor cooking needs. If you are looking for mobility or have limited space, EVO also has you covered with their tabletop and wheeled cart versions.  

EVO affiinty grill

Credit: EVO 

EVO Flattop Grill Affinity 25G  

Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ or preparing a family dinner, the EVO Flattop Grill Affinity 25G is a must-have in your small outdoor kitchen.  

  • Circular Flattop Design: The grill’s circular design allows you to cook multiple dishes all at once.  
  • High-Powered Burners: With dual burners that deliver a total of 27,600 or 31,600 BTUs depending on the type of gas used, the Affinity 25G guarantees quick and even heat distribution. 
  • Variable Heat Settings: The grill offers variable heat settings, giving you complete control over your cooking, whether you’re searing steaks or delicately grilling vegetables. 
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Built to last with high-grade stainless steel, this grill is perfect for outdoor use, capable of withstanding Florida’s unpredictable weather conditions. 
  • Easy to Clean: The grill’s surface is non-stick and easy to clean, making post-cookout cleanups a breeze. 


EVO Flattop Grill Affinity 30G  

This beauty isn’t just a grill, it’s an experience, and it’s about to take your outdoor cooking experience to a whole new level! This size is best for larger kitchen spaces or gatherings.  

  • Spacious Dual-Temperature Cooking Surface: The 30G features a 30-inch diameter oil-seasoned cooking surface. This means you can grill your steaks on one side while sautéing vegetables on the other. The dual-zone temperature control ensures perfect heat distribution for every cooking style, from searing to simmering. 
  • High-Powered Burners: Powered by two burners, the 30G delivers a combined 37,683 or 36,267 BTUs depending on the gas used. This powerful output ensures quick preheating and high searing temperatures, delivering restaurant-quality results every time. 
  • Easy to Clean: The grill’s stainless steel body and cooktop are not only resilient but also extremely easy to clean. A quick wipe after every use keeps your EVO looking as good as new. 
  • Designed for Safety: Safety is a priority with the Affinity 30G. The grill has flame failure shut-off valves and a heat shield to prevent overheating. Plus, the push-button ignition system is both reliable and safe. 

With the EVO Flattop Grill Affinity 25G or 30G, every meal becomes an event to remember. These grills are more than just a cooking appliance; they’re a social hub around which memories are created and shared! 


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cooking pizza on EVO flattop grill

Credit: EVO


Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with an EVO Flattop Grill  

Upgrading your outdoor space with an EVO Flattop Grill is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor cooking experience and create lasting memories with family and friends. Their versatility and sleek design make them a perfect addition to any outdoor space.  

Whether you live in Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville, our team of experienced outdoor kitchen designers at Synergy Outdoor Living is here to help you transform your backyard into an unforgettable oasis. 

Contact us today to start planning your dream outdoor kitchen and elevate your outdoor living experience like never before! 


Featured Image Credit: EVO Grills 

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