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You love to grill, and as an avid grill master (or a future one), you should consider installing an outdoor grill hood if you haven’t already! All of these delectable foods—burgers, steaks, ribs, hotdogs—produce smoke and oils when cooking, which may end up on your ceiling, cupboards, and patio furniture.


When grilling and cooking in your outdoor kitchen, you may find that a grill hood is a key feature in improving the airflow and ventilation in your covered outdoor cooking area. The outdoor kitchen pros at Synergy Outdoor Living explain… 



What is a Grill Hood? 


A grill hood is an outdoor cooking exhaust fan that is mounted in a covered or unscreened patio. In your outdoor kitchen area, grill hoods can be wall-mounted or ceiling-hung.

To give the best ventilation, grill hoods are often broader and deeper than inside kitchen models. A muffler and dishwasher-safe filters guarantee minimal upkeep and a peaceful outdoor living area!

Pro tip: If your grill is against the wall on your patio, opt for a wall range hood. If your grill is installed into an outdoor island, you’ll want to install the grill hood over top.  



Benefits of a Grill Hood  


Open-air outdoor cooking areas do not need outdoor grill hoods, but every cooking area, whether indoors or outside, should have one for ventilation and better airflow. Certain building codes could even stipulate that an outdoor cooking area must have a grill hood.

All types of barbecues, including electric, charcoal, gas, and even smokers, can use outdoor grill hoods. Because of its longevity, heavy stainless steel is a wonderful choice, and adding lighting to the grill hood can improve vision when grilling at night and add atmosphere to your kitchen.



Top Reasons to Install a Grill Hood 


First, they make a big statement to the overall design of your amazing new outdoor kitchen areaThese are the other main reasons to install a grill hood: 


You Grill Often 

Although delicious, burgers, steaks, ribs, hotdogs, and other similar foods also emit a lot of smoke and oils when they are cooked. It’s crucial to filter the smoke-filled air out of your outdoor cooking area and rest area if you frequently grill.


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You Have Trouble Keeping Outdoor Surfaces Clean 

If you have difficulty keeping your patio furniture, appliances, and walls clean, a barbecue hood can be a terrific purchase. Without a grill hood, grease and oil from the grill may collect and eventually build up on your cooking areas, furniture, ceiling, and walls.

And cleaning is challenging! Install a grill hood to adequately ventilate the air and safeguard your entire outdoor living space.


You Entertain Often

While you and your guests are outside on the patio, a grill hood will keep the air clean. If your outdoor kitchen is small or located in an enclosed space, a grill hood is extremely crucial.

Spending time in a tiny, enclosed area where smoke can accumulate quickly can be uncomfortable.

You want to enjoy your time dining al fresco with friends, not have them wondering if they are going to leave smelling like smoke.


You are Remodeling Your Outdoor Space  

A grill hood can be a fantastic addition if you are building an entirely new kitchen for your backyard or modifying your existing space.

Always keep in mind that outdoor range hoods are typically larger than indoor range hoods to fit the size of the grill, so before making any purchases or decisions, make sure your outdoor living area has enough space.


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Choosing a Grill Hood 


Look at the hood’s CFMs when selecting a grill hood for your outdoor cooking area. CFMs are the measurement of the cubic feet of air that a hood will move each minute.

Choose a grill hood with between 1200 and 2000 CFM for an outdoor cooking area with a grill. The extreme heat, smoke, and grease that emanate from your grill can only be handled by hoods with high CFM ratings. The more power your grill hood has, the faster it will clear your outside seating area of oil and smoke.



Install a Grill Hood to Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen  


While the smoke and delicious aromas that come off the grill can entice friends and family outside while you grill, your outdoor kitchen should have a grill hood to protect the appliances, ceiling, walls, and furniture from damage over time.  

Synergy Outdoor Living was founded with the idea that everyone deserves a beautiful outdoor living space to enjoy with friends and family. We can install a beautiful and functional grill hood into any outdoor living space! 

From smokers to grills and kegerators to pizza ovenswe can make your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality! Call for a free outdoor kitchen consultation—813-322-2137 or get started on your design today! 



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