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Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy Florida’s sunshine with friends and family. But, you’ll need the right equipment to make the most out of it. Of course, this includes a grill, countertop space, and possibly a vent hood, but have you considered refrigeration? 


Perlick Refrigeration is our top choice for outdoor kitchens. With Perlick, you can maximize your outdoor kitchen with state-of-the-art refrigeration that will keep food and drinks cold even in Florida’s heat. 


Keep reading to discover more about how to upgrade your outdoor kitchen experience with refrigeration and some of our favorite products from Perlick Refrigeration! 


 Unlock Your Outdoor Kitchen’s Potential with Refrigeration 


Refrigeration is one of the most important components of any outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re hosting a weekend barbecue or an intimate dinner party, having easy access to chilled beverages and ingredients is crucial. 



Having a refrigerator in an outdoor kitchen takes the experience to the next level by allowing you to store food items, beverages, and condiments conveniently within reach 


 Although you can opt for a standard refrigerator, we recommend choosing something smaller that is built-in to your grill station; such as a beverage center or wine cooler to truly maximize space.  


Further, one of the most significant benefits of having refrigeration within your outdoor kitchen is that it saves you time running back and forth from inside the house to get ingredients or drinks. You can store everything you need in one place, so you don’t have to interrupt cooking or entertaining to restock supplies. Easy peasy!  


Perlick Refrigeration: Rooted in Longevity and Quality 


The Perlick Corporation began from humble beginnings as R. Perlick Brass Works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1917 and it is still family-owned and headquartered in Milwaukee, five generations later.  


They continue to be a manufacturing leader for commercial bars, restaurants, and residential refrigeration.   


Chill Out With These Cooling Solutions from Perlick Refrigeration 


With more than 125 models to choose from, our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living have ample solutions to choose from for your outdoor kitchen.  



Perlick offers ADA-compliant panel-ready, glass front, and stainless steel refrigerators and freezers. Plus, they offer the industry’s best six-year warranty and Perlick’s proprietary RAPIDcool refrigeration system.  


Let’s dive into our favorite cooling products from Perlick!  


Refrigerators & Freezers 


Keep drinks icy cold and ingredients ready to use with these refrigerators and freezers from Perlick!  


15” & 24” Signature Series Refrigerator  


Built from stainless steel, this small refrigerator offers energy-efficient operation that is ideal for beverages and food. With a 1000 BTU/hr capacity, it cools up to 70% faster than leading competitors.  


  • Full extension shelving  
  • 6-year warranty 
  • Perlick’s Anti-Condensation System™  
  • Available in stainless steel or a panel-ready door to match your outdoor cabinetry  
  • Door alarm if the door is held open  
  • LED display lighting  


24” C-Series Refrigerated Drawers 


Inspired by Perlick’s commercial refrigeration solutions, these refrigerated drawers offer even more capacity and easy access to food and beverages.  

  • Energy-efficient operation 
  • Perlick’s Anti-Condensation System™  
  • 6-year warranty  
  • 800 BTU/hr offers commercial-grade cooling  
  • Smooth glide self-closing drawers  
  • 6000K white LED task lighting 
  • Available in stainless steel or a panel-ready door to match your outdoor cabinetry  


15” & 24” Signature Series Freezer 


Keep ice cream, frozen fruits, veggies, and more on hand with a built-in freezer from Perlick! This small freezer offers 100 BTU/hr capacity and full extension shelving so you don’t have to reach into the back of the cabinet; the shelves fully extend on stainless steel ball-bearing glides.  

  • Racks for martini glasses or beer mugs are available to amp up your at-home bar-tending experience 
  • 6-year warranty 
  • Perlick’s Anti-Condensation System™  
  • Available in stainless steel or a panel-ready door to match your outdoor cabinetry  
  • Door alarm if the door is held open  
  • LED display lighting  

Ice Makers  


Having easy access to ice means that you won’t have to worry about running to the store or constantly refilling your cooler. Additionally, an outdoor ice maker is a great way to keep drinks cold and refreshing during hot summer days. 


Our designers can include either a clear ice maker or a cubelet ice maker from Perlick: 


15” Signature Series Clear Ice Maker  


  • NSF-certified  
  • Offers a unique top hat ice cube shape that prevents ice from clumping  
  • Impurity-free ice  
  • Produces up to 51 lbs. of ice per 24 hours 
  • Available with stainless steel or panel-ready door 


15” Signature Series Cubelet Ice Maker  


  • Produces crunchable, nugget-shaped ice. 
  • Produces up to 80 lbs. of ice per day with storage for up to 22 lbs. 
  • NSF Rated  
  • Available with stainless steel or panel-ready door 

Beverage Centers 


Available in 15” and 24” options, you can keep beer, soda, and wine cool and ready to be enjoyed in Perlick’s Signature Series Beverage Centers.  


  • The 24” option offers 1000 BTU/hr and is equipped with storage for 16 wine bottles and 62 cans  
  • The 15” option offers 1000 BTU/hr and  can hold 8 wine bottles and 30 cans  


15” or 24” Beverage Dispensers 


There’s nothing better than a brewery-fresh beer from the comfort of your outdoor living space. Not a beer drinker? No problem! You can easily convert Perlick’s beverage dispensers into wine or cold coffee dispensers. Nice!  


  • Forced-air refrigeration ensures consistent temperature and maintains flavor  
  • Perlick’s Anti-Condensation System™  
  • All stainless steel interior and exterior 
  • 6000K white LED lighting  

Wine Refrigerators  


A wine chiller in your outdoor kitchen can add a touch of sophistication to your party and keep your wine at the perfect temperature. 


15” or 24” Signature Series Wine Reserve 


Whether you want to enjoy a red, white or dessert wine, you can keep it properly chilled with a 15” or 24” wine reserve from Perlick!   


  • 6000K white or cool blue LED display lighting 
  • Space for 14 bottles of wine & 44 cans  
  • Perlick’s Anti-Condensation System™  


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Create The Ultimate Florida Outdoor Kitchen 


These refrigeration options offer the perfect opportunity to maximize your outdoor kitchen and create an ultimate luxury space that epitomizes what Florida living is all about.  

With our exceptional design options, our builders at Synergy Outdoor Living will help you craft the perfect combination of style and function in your outdoor space. Enjoying all that Florida has to offer is easier with a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen featuring Perlick Refrigeration!  

Chill out with a brand-new kitchen from Synergy Outdoor Living. Get started by contacting us for a design consultation in Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville today!  



Featured image credit: Perlick Refrigeration 

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