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When hosting a BBQ for friends, your main goal is to keep everyone satisfied. Luckily, with an amazing outdoor kitchen, you can spend time grilling up a delicious meal while enjoying the company of your friends outdoors. But, something is missing here… ice cold BEER! (With an emphasis on the “ice cold”.) 


Of course, there is nothing wrong with using an ice chest or running back and forth inside to the fridge, but just imagine if you could bring a bar to your outdoor kitchen! Today, our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living go over all the different types of built-in Kegerators you can add to your outdoor kitchen.

What is a Kegerator 


Kegerator is a beer dispenser that uses carbon-dioxide compression to keep the beer fresh and cold. A kegerator isn’t exclusively for beer, with the right setup, you can have wine, soda, and even coffee on tap! 


Today, we will be focusing on outdoor kegerators, which means they are rated to withstand weather and be more durable for use in an outdoor kitchen. Unlike indoor kegerators, the outdoor-rated versions have to maintain a cold temperature even when it gets hot outside. Here in Florida, that is a must! 


The Best Built-In Outdoor Kegerator For You 


Not every kegerator is the same. From function to style, there are many different kinds to suit your needs. We’ll go over some of the most common configurations so you can find out exactly what works for you. 


Kegerator Sizes 


As you could imagine, there are multiple sizes of kegerators available. Sizes can range to hold enough beer for a small BBQ with friends or to supply all the patrons of a brewery on a busy weekend night. A “keg” is the container for the beer itself, while the kegerator is what keeps it cool and dispenses it. 


Keep in mind, a larger kegerator doesn’t always mean more beer, it just means the option for more! The size of the kegerator matches up with the size of the keg it can hold. You can always use a smaller keg in a larger kegerator, but not the other way around.  


Here are the kegerator sizes to choose from: 

Half-Barrel Kegerators 


  • A half-barrel keg is the most common size used by American brewers 
  • Serves about 165 12oz beers 


Quarter Barrel Kegerators 


  • Commonly available size for domestic beers 
  • Serves about 82 12oz beers 
  • Can come in a short form factor (nicknamed the “pony”) or a taller, slim design 


Sixth Barrel Kegerators 


  • Commonly used by craft or specialty beer brewers 
  • Serves about 56 12oz beers 
  • Nicknamed a “torpedo keg” 


A kegerator’s size matches up with the size of the keg it can fit, but you can always use smaller kegs in bigger kegerators. 


Single vs. Dual Tap 


Another consideration when choosing the size of a kegerator is whether or not you only want one beer at a time in the kegerator. Maybe you have a favorite beer no one else likes, or you just enjoy switching it up often, having a second tap makes that process simple. 


A larger kegerator can hold multiple sixth barrel kegs inside of it, making it easy to have variety on hand. There are even some kegerators that have three taps, now you’re truly taking the bar home with you! 


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Bells & Whistles 


Just like any other appliance, there can be a lot of different features across a line-up of kegerators. More modern variations have locking doors, luxury finishes, and digital temperature controls.  


If you want to be extra sure your beer is ice cold, some kegerators include an alarm that alerts you if the temperature of the beer is warming up. Anything to keep the party going! 

Bring the Party Outdoors, and Keep It There! 


Keeping your friends entertained and satisfied is a great feeling, especially when doing it all from your outdoor kitchen. Adding a kegerator to the mix just makes it all the better, turning your kitchen into an outdoor bar & grill! While this is a dream to many, there is one downside… no one will want to leave your house! 


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing outdoor kitchen, or you are starting from scratch, Synergy Outdoor Living can make your vision a reality! 


Let’s get started! Call 813-322-2137 to get a quote today for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville area home!  

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