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It’s starting to warm up, the flowers are beginning to bloom, could it be…Spring? As the cold air of Winter fades, you’re likely feeling tempted to venture outside, soak up the sun and enjoy the nice springtime air! But after a bit, you have to go back inside and cook a meal. 


Well, no more! Here are our top 5 reasons why you need an outdoor kitchen this year to make the most of the Florida weather. From a simple BBQ get-together for the whole neighborhood to an upscale al fresco dinner for your nearest and dearest, an outdoor kitchen will dramatically change your life at home. 



For Your Entertainment 


An outdoor kitchen gives you a great venue for a get-together with friends or family!  


If you’ve grilled for the company before, you know it can be a little stressful. Typically there is a lot of running back and forth to the kitchen for counter space and your guests may be playing a game of tag following you around. Having an outdoor kitchen allows you to take the kitchen to the party, making it a much easier space to entertain your guests with food and drinks. 


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Staying Clean 


When hosting a company at your home, it can quickly become a big mess. Cooking normally leaves a sink full of dishes, but cooking to entertain a group can quickly get out of hand!  


With an outdoor kitchen, clean-up can be a breeze! (And it doesn’t hurt to have a spotless kitchen indoors after a bunch of guests leave!) Not only does an outdoor kitchen keep the indoors nice and clean, but it also keeps everything smelling better too. 


Sounds exciting right? Synergy Outdoor Living can help make it happen! Call 813-322-2137 to get a quote today. 



A Reason to Grill 


If you enjoy grilling, you should be able to do it more! Having an outdoor kitchen makes it just as easy to grill as it is to cook in the kitchen, and when comparing the two, who wouldn’t want to grill instead?! 


There’s nothing like sharing a drink with some friends on a spring evening while slowly grilling a big, smokey cut of meat, making all your neighbors hungry. No matter the time of year, and no matter the meal, it all tastes better on the grill! 


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Save On Your Electric Bill 


We don’t need to tell you that it gets hot here in Florida over the summertime, and when temperatures begin to rise, so do electric bills. Running the A/C overtime over the summer can cost much more money than anyone expects, often skyrocketing our bills in the hot months! 


Do you know what’s not a great way to cool down a house? Turning up the heat in the kitchen for a couple of hours… Keep your home nice while you prepare food in your outdoor Summer oasis, your wallet may thank you! 



Ramp Up Resale Value 


When planning additions to your house, no matter the size, you should always consider how this may affect the value of your home. When a prospective homebuyer steps outside to see your beautifully functional outdoor kitchen, it’s sure to WOW them!  


Everyone eats, so it’s a viable and attractive feature to everyone, compared to an outdoor bar or pool (bonus points if you have all 3!). An outdoor kitchen is such a crowd-pleaser, and one of the few outdoor additions that get used year-round! 


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Spring into Action with Synergy Outdoor 


Are you ready to win the backyard season for years to come? We hope each of these reasons got you excited about the idea of an outdoor kitchen! You can make the most of our endless Summer and fully enjoy your custom outdoor living space.  


When it’s time to design and build one, you want a trusted company with years of outdoor entertainment experience… just like Synergy Outdoor Living! Our design team can turn your basic patio into an unparalleled kitchen and entertainment space sure to stun any visitors!  


Let’s get started! Call 813-322-2137 to get a quote today for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville area home! 

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