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While it’s always grilling season here in Florida, spring is a great time to soak up time outside before it gets too hot and humid. From tips on using a meat thermometer to prepping your grill for your next great meal, here are Synergy Outdoor Living’s top ways to make those spring grilling days sizzle as you dine al fresco!  

Prep Your Grill 


Before any great grilling session, prepping your grill is a MUST for great grill marks and delicious tasting food. Don’t just burn it off and call it a day.  


Clean your grill from inside out with a sponge and soapy water. That charred coating on the grill grates doesn’t add flavor, it will hinder your grill’s performance and grill marks. Plus, before you finish cleaning, check the grease pan to help prevent flare-ups!  


Ready to clean your grill? How to Clean Your Grill the RIGHT Way! 


Use Tongs 


When grilling, reacfor spring-loaded long-handled tongs instead of grilling forks. Why? Because grilling forks can pierce the meat, causing those flavorful juices to flow out and make your steak, burger, or chicken tough. Tongs are sturdy enough to take on steaks and burgers, but also give you more control when grilling smaller items like asparagus spears or other veggies.  


Grilling Tip: Avoid cross-contamination, and use two separate pairs of tongsOne for uncooked meat, and the other for cooked meat.  


meat ready for grilling


Invest in High-Quality Meat 


When purchasing meat for grilling, strive to buy the best. For steak, look for a little marbling, this fat enhances the flavor of the meat. For chicken, bone-in cuts keep the meat juicer. When buying hot dogs, use those made with premium cuts of 100% beef. 



Use a Meat Thermometer 


A meat thermometer will help you grill a variety of meats to perfection every time. Grilling can be difficult when you are going on appearance alone. A thermometer will prevent you from cutting into that perfect steak or piece of chicken to check for doneness as well.  


To use, insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat until you reach the lowest temperature, then compare that number to safe temperature guidelines 



Grill Your Veggies 


Besides being super convenient, grilling your veggies along with your meat imparts an amazing smoky flavor into your vegetables.  


Grilling veggies is simple, check out our easy-to-follow guide on How to Grill Any Vegetable!  


You’ll want to grill everything in your new amazing outdoor kitchen from Synergy Outdoor Living. You’ll be in a grill master’s dream!  


grilling skewers


It’s All About the Kabobs 


When it comes to kabobs, it’s all about the marinade! Teriyaki is a great choice, but there are many other great marinades to choose from like Greek or Italian dressing marinades. Yum!  


Whichever marinade you choose, pay attention to suggested marinade times as letting the meat sit for too long can actually make it tougher, especially when marinating with acidic blends! 


Newbie grill master in the making? Read these tips: Gas Grilling for Beginners 

sauce in ramikens

Don’t Forget the Sauce! 


What is a BBQ without the sauce? Whether you prefer spicy mustard or ketchup on your burgers and brats, you’ll probably encounter a lot of opinions on which sauce is best!  


If you remember anything, don’t skimp on the sauces! To really impress your guests, serve dips and sauces in creative edible bowls. Make a bowl out of a scooped-out bell pepper, a head of cabbage, a mini pumpkin, or any other in-season veggie!  


We suggest keeping dairy-based dips chilled by filling a large bowl with ice, then using it as a cradle for a smaller bowl filled with dip. Cool! 


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 Save Time with Foil Packs 


Foil packs make everything easier when grilling. Though you might not get those prized grill marks on your food, foil packs are a great way to grill delicate proteins like fish and vegetables. Plus, cleanup is a snap! Don’t forget to spray the foil inside and out to help prevent sticking!  


 Get Grilling with Synergy Outdoor Living  


Whether you grill out every night or are a weekend warrior these spring grilling tips will make you a grill master in no time!  


At Synergy Outdoor Living, we believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful and functional outdoor living and grilling space! Ready to get grilling? Call us today at 813-322-2137 or start designing a custom outdoor kitchen. Our design team is ready to help you pick the best grills and accessories for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville home’s outdoor kitchen space!  

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