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You’ve finally decided on the perfect spot for your very own outdoor kitchen in your back patio. Now, it’s time to decide on the perfect theme for your kitchen. That means choosing the perfect color for your cabinets. You might already have an idea of the vibe you are wanting to capture while spending time with your friends and family in your outdoor kitchen, but some of these may change your mind! 


When you’re ready to take the next step towards your dream outdoor kitchen, call Synergy Outdoor Living to get a quote today! 

Find The Perfect Color For You 


You may want your outdoor space to blend with your interior’s current style, but you may not know how to go about it outdoors. Or maybe you want to create something entirely separate and unique to your home. With so many color options out there, it’s definitely hard to narrow it down to just one choice. 


No need to worry! Here are some popular choices in cabinetry colors and styles to help you decide on and achieve the vibe you’re looking for!  




You can never go wrong with charcoal! Charcoal is our premium color option, but worth every penny with how beautiful and versatile it really is. Modern, classy, and timeless, charcoal is easy on the eyes and is a great match for most backyards. It’s a great option if you are wanting a more modern, high contrast look but don’t want to fully commit to black cabinetry.  

Dolphin Grey  


Neutral colors are the most common, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect shade. If you find yourself searching and searching for a nice neutral color that isn’t too dark nor too light, but browns aren’t fitting your space’s aesthetic either, Dolphin Grey is a very popular medium grey option. We believe it looks best with a light to medium granite countertop to complement. 



Especially If you are using natural stacked stones in your outdoor kitchen, nutmeg is a beautiful, complementary color choice! A nice rich color sure to pair well with the feeling of being in a luxury outdoor kitchen. Pair your nutmeg cabinets with a beige or light-colored granite countertop for a timeless and natural look.  



Black cabinetry, whether indoors or out, is a perfect choice when going for a sleek, modern, or contemporary style for your home. If you are looking to achieve a modern look, mix the dark cabinetry with a light quartz countertop and metallic accents. If you have an all-white kitchen inside your home, choosing a black outdoor kitchen with white accents will be a great contrast for the perfect his and her kitchens. 




Are you intrigued by indigo? This deep hue offers the sleek modern look of a charcoal or high contrast color, but with a splash of color. This deep royal feeling blue is the perfect match for someone who appreciates a dark contrast while still wanting a color. This color is very elegant and especially in outdoor kitchens, is very unique.  

Get The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Color With Synergy Outdoor 


Hopefully, by now, you are feeling inspired! Creating a custom outdoor kitchen can really pique the imagination, and throwing so many beautiful colors into the mix will only amplify the feeling. If you want to see just what it would take to get an elegantly designed outdoor kitchen for yourself, give Synergy Outdoor Living a call today! 



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