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The outdoor living trend in Florida is growing bigger and better with more and more homeowners looking to extend their living space and spend more time outdoors. With a custom outdoor kitchen, you can take the indoors outside with you! 


If you’re considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, here are some of the hottest trends and ideas for 2023! 


Design Takeaways: 

  • The essential outdoor kitchen includes storage, prep areas, and refrigeration 
  • Go big with a luxury built-in grill from Alfresco or an Evo flattop for entertaining 
  • Enhance the ambiance with a fire pit, water feature, and decorative lighting  
  • Don’t be afraid to add a touch of color, go bold in your outdoor space especially if indoors is more muted 

Outdoor Kitchen Trends in 2023 


Let’s take a look at what will be trending in outdoor kitchen design for 2023! 


#1. Increased Functionality  


One of the biggest trends for outdoor kitchens we will see in 2023 is increased capabilities. A grill and a few chairs just won’t cut it; now, people want their outdoor living space to be an extension of their indoor kitchen. This means including features like a beverage center, pizza oven, or a Teppanyaki Griddle.  


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#2. Incorporating Natural Materials  


Another big trend is toward more sustainable materials and construction methods. With an increased focus on environmental responsibility, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly. This can manifest in anything from using recycled materials to choosing energy-efficient appliances. 


To incorporate natural materials in your outdoor kitchen think about granite countertops, stone finishes, and natural wood elements.  


#3. Go Big or Go Home  


Another trend that will be big in 2023 is homeowners going all out with their outdoor kitchen space. We’re talking some amazing designs that can come to life! 


Since outdoor kitchens are all about entertaining, a smoker, pizza oven, or kegerator are all popular choices when building the ultimate outdoor kitchen. 


We all know the grill is the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen, so it’s only right that many grilling enthusiasts will want a luxury grill equipped with modern features like:  


  • Backlit control knobs 
  • Interior lighting 
  • Hood assist systems 
  • App-controls to maintain temperatures 


From grill brands like Alfresco, Twin Eagles, Coyote, and the Summerset series, Synergy Outdoor Living has the luxury grill you need to give your outdoor kitchen the ultimate wow factor!  

#4. Colorful Cabinetry  


You can’t call your outdoor space a kitchen without cabinets! But naturally, an outdoor kitchen that is exposed to the elements requires a special type of cabinetry. 


Incorporate color into your outdoor kitchen cabinetry in 2023! Color can brighten up any space, and it can also help to create a certain mood. When choosing colors for your outdoor kitchen, consider what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Do you want it to be a relaxing hidden oasis? A fun party space? Something in between? 


  • If you want a sleek and modern look, opt for clean white or black surfaces with pops of color.  
  • For a more relaxed and inviting vibe, go for softer hues in tans or light grays.  
  • If you want to make a statement, try using bold and bright colors throughout the space. 


Once you’ve decided on the overall feel you’re going for, start picking out specific colors. And remember, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one option. The two-toned style is now as popular outdoors as it is inside. 


#5. It’s All About Refrigeration  


Having enough ice and cold beverages to keep the party going will be a big part of entertaining on the patio in 2023. But this is no ordinary patio! An outdoor kitchen equipped with proper refrigeration saves you the back-and-forth trips to the indoor fridge or freezer for meats and veggies for the grill, or cold drinks for your guests.  


You also won’t have to keep coolers of ice filled with beverages scattered around your outdoor entertaining area, especially if you opt for a built-in kegerator. Now when entertaining friends & family, you can give them a true bar experience with drinks on tap. 


Top outdoor appliance brands offer under-grill refrigerators, wine fridges, under-counter fridges, and professional freezer/fridge combos. And don’t forget an outdoor ice machine!  

#6. Enhance the Ambiance  


Enhance your outdoor living experience with design elements that can elevate the ambiance on the patio: 



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Design the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen  


The ultimate outdoor kitchen in 2023 will be a sight to behold; it’s functional, stylish, and has all the bells and whistles that any chef would love. If you’re intending on doing any serious entertaining outdoors in the new year, start planning now and get ready to enjoy Florida’s outdoor living like never before!  


Ready to get started? Schedule a design consultation with our outdoor kitchen pros in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando! We can’t wait to design your perfect outdoor living space!  

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