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Whether you’re throwing a small get-together or a large outdoor party, adding some fun outdoor kitchen additions can take your entertaining to the next level. From a pizza oven that lets you cook up delicious pies right on your patio, to a smoker that adds flavor to all of your food, there are many fun items you can incorporate into your outdoor kitchen. 


When it comes to entertaining guests, your outdoor kitchen should be equipped with everything you need to make your gathering a success! Here are our top five fun outdoor kitchen additions that will have your guests raving about your hosting skills. 


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Your Very Own Pizza Oven 

Who doesn’t love pizza? Whether you’re making your dough at home or buying it from your local pizzeria, a pizza oven is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. Not only will it let you bake up delectable pies for your guests, but it’ll also give them something to watch while they wait for their food.

The best part? Pizza ovens cook at a much higher temperature than a typical household oven, meaning you can throw together a pizza much faster than you could ever before. You’ll never want to order delivery or eat a frozen pizza again!

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Smoking Meats in Your Backyard 

A smoker is a great way to add flavor to all of your favorite meals on the grill. If you’re planning on having a backyard barbecue, smoked chicken, ribs, or even burgers are sure to be a hit with your guests. 


A smoker gives you a new way to cook your favorite dishes. 


A smoker isn’t just for meat either! You can smoke all kinds of vegetables, giving you a whole new taste to explore. 


Keep Your Guests Refreshed with a Built-In Kegerator 

If you love entertaining, a built-in kegerator is a must-have for your outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re serving up your homebrew or stocking it with your guests’ favorite craft beers, a keg is always a popular choice.

A kegerator kicks that up a notch! Kegerators are specifically designed to store and dispense kegs of beer, keeping it ice cold along the way. Best of all? They can be built into your outdoor kitchen counters or island!

The party doesn’t stop there! You can use a kegerator to store many other beverages. And if you want to give your guests options, you can always use it to dispense cold water or iced tea!

Here are just a few of the drinks we’ve seen kegerators used for: 


  • Cider 
  • Wine 
  • Soda 
  • Juice 
  • Coffee 
  • & More 


Serve Up Ice Cold Drinks with an Ice Maker 

If you’re planning on serving drinks at your outdoor party, you’ll want to be sure they’re ice-cold! Of course, a built-in kegerator can keep the tap cold, but chances are not all the drinks will be on tap. Keep your go-to bottle of champagne on ice, or fill up your ice chest to keep your canned and bottled beverages cold for your guests. 

Getting an ice maker installed in your outdoor kitchen gives it that extra touch that ensures you stay outside with the party, not inside filling cups with ice. Plus, who wants to run to the store for more ice? 


All the Creature Comforts 

From TVs to sound systems, there are many options for keeping your outdoor kitchen just as entertaining as the living room. Whether you’re watching the big game around the kegerator, or streaming your favorite music while you grill, adding some tech to your outdoor kitchen is a great way to keep you and your guests entertained. 


Wow your guests with hidden away, built-in speakers! 


Transform Your Outdoor Experience with Synergy Outdoor Living 

Synergy Outdoor Living can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen, ready to entertain in any situation! We specialize in creating custom outdoor kitchens that are tailored to your unique style and culinary needs.  


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