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We believe an outdoor kitchen is more than just an extension of your home – it’s an opportunity to create a unique space that resonates with your lifestyle and aesthetic.  


Whether you’re a grill master, a pizza oven artisan, or a Kegerator connoisseur, designing an exceptional contemporary outdoor kitchen requires a thoughtful blend of design and functionality.  

Today our pros at Synergy Outdoor Living share some tips to create an amazing, contemporary outdoor space 

Scroll as our outdoor design team covers it all:  

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Designing a Modern Outdoor Kitchen 


Utilizing clean lines, minimalist features, and innovative materials, installing a contemporary-styled outdoor cooking space can transform your backyard into a sophisticated oasis. 

Keep these five things in mind when designing:  

#1. Determining the Perfect Layout for Your Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen 


The first thing that you want to think about before anything else is the layout of your outdoor kitchen. This will set the tone for everything else.  

Synergy Outdoor Design tips:  

  • Consider the size and shape of your available outdoor space.  
  • Ensure that the key areas of your kitchen (grill, sink, refrigerator) are placed in an efficient triangle formation for easy transition between tasks. 
  • If you have a larger space, a U-shaped or L-shaped design allows for ample counter space and contains an area for dining or socializing. 
  • For smaller spaces, a simple run of cabinets with a grill or a galley layout could optimize space while still offering essential kitchen functionalities. 
  • If you entertain frequently, you may want to include a bar area with seating or an island for a practical and impressive centerpiece. 

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Now, let’s discuss some of the more fun design elements!  

#2. Choosing the Right Color Palette 

The color palette not only influences your kitchen’s appeal but also sets the tone for the time you and your guests spend there. Light colors such as white or soft grey exude a sleek, modern feel while using bold colors can create a lively atmosphere. 

Taking cues from nature for your color scheme can bring a soothing balance to contemporary designs. It’s a great way to achieve a tranquil setting that effortlessly blends with the surrounding landscape. Warm earth tones like deep greens, blues, and browns are always an excellent choice!  

Seeing your color palette come to life is one of the most exciting parts of the design process, and creating a cohesive environment outside that vibes with your personality and style inside, is the ultimate goal. 

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#3. Textural Choices 

Our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living suggest integrating stone and stainless steel into your contemporary outdoor kitchen design. The raw, rugged appeal of stone juxtaposed with the sleek, modern look of stainless steel can create a harmonious balance between traditional charm and modern sophistication.  

Remember to also consider the texture of other components in your outdoor cooking space. How about wooden barstools with a smooth finish for seating arrangements? Or woven wicker outdoor furniture for added visual interest? It’s all about layering textures to achieve a dynamic style that exudes your taste.  

Synergy Outdoor Living Tip: Think about how textures will hold up in varying weather conditions. With the right choice of materials, you not only elevate your outdoor space’s design but also extend the longevity of the amenities involved.  

#4. Lighting Up Your Space  

An often overlooked component in designing outdoor kitchens is ambient lighting. Appropriate lighting can elevate your space by adding a cozy and warm vibe. And it’s not just about illuminating the cooking space, it’s also about fostering an ambiance that stimulates relaxation and good conversation.  

Some of our favorites include:  

  • In-Ground Lights: These are perfect for lighting up the path to your outdoor cooking area, promoting safety while guiding your guests on their walk.


  • Wall-mounted Lights: Install these on the surrounding walls or structures. Not only will they provide the necessary illumination but also make for a great design statement. 


  • Fire Pits: Beyond their functional use of providing warmth, fire pits can create an intimate glow that adds life to your outdoor space. 


Trust us, the right ambient lighting combines beauty, functionality, and safety, making your space not only a place to prepare delicious meals but also a perfect spot for special gatherings!  

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#5. Essential Appliances  

For a fully functional modern outdoor kitchen, you must incorporate a variety of essential appliances that provide you with the same versatility you’d appreciate in your indoor kitchen. Outside of your stellar outdoor grill, you can add these other essentials to maximize your experience.  


  • Grill Accessories: Grills can come with a host of additional features like rotisseries and integrated griddles, increasing your culinary range.  
  • Pizza Ovens: Allows you to bake professional-quality pizzas and enhance your outdoor ambiance with an authentic, rustic touch.  
  • Side Burners: Offers versatility when cooking sauces or sides that accompany your main grilling dishes.  
  • Kegerators: What would a BBQ be without a fresh beer on tap? Kegerators can also be used for wine, coffee, and other drinks!  


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Let’s Create Your Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen  

With the right design choices and quality products from Synergy Outdoor Living, you can create a stylish and functional area that will impress guests and enhance your lifestyle! From sleek countertops to innovative cooking equipment, the possibilities are endless for creating a space that reflects your style.  

Elevate your outdoor living experience in Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville, and make lasting memories with loved ones in a space you’ll be proud to show off. Contact us for a quote or design consultation today!  


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