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Creating a beautiful outdoor living space is an easy way to add value to your home while taking advantage of Florida’s beautiful weather. With the right design, you can create a stunning outdoor kitchen and make it the life of any backyard gathering. 


Whether you’re looking to build or remodel an existing space, adding texture and color can give your space a unique character that blends with its natural surroundings.  


Our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living share tips to add color and texture to your space to truly make it pop! 

Designing a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space  


When planning your outdoor kitchen or living space, consider how the different colors, textures, and materials can come together to create a cohesive look that compliments the architecture of your home.  


For example, featuring neutral tones like whites and grays will allow you to add pops of bolder colors through furniture pieces or artwork. On the other hand, wood elements can help bring warmth to your design while adding visual interest with unique grain patterns and knots in the wood. 


Here are some of our favorite ways to add texture and color to your outdoor space.  


#1. Choose Colorful Outdoor Furniture  


Furniture boosts the functionality of any outdoor space, so why not use it to add visual interest as well?  


Adding color to your landscape is  

easy with high-quality patio furniture.  




  • Vibrant cushions  
  • Painted patio tables 
  • Textured wicker chairs 
  • Colorful weatherproof sofas  


Incorporating fresh style into your outdoor space doesn’t have to require entirely new furniture. Work with the existing items you might have by adding new accent pillows in fun shapes and colors!


#2. Choose Unique Pavers   


Pavers can bring an entirely new dimension to your space and add interest to areas that need a hint of color.  


You can choose to go bold or more nuanced with pavers and hardscaping. But if you’d rather not go so bold, select hues that work in harmony with your home’s aesthetic.  


Here are a few things to consider: 


  • Pavers that are a few shades lighter than your home’s color won’t compete for attention. Gray-toned pavers work well with brick houses, and brick-colored pavers add warmth to wooden or stone houses.  
  • Choose pavers with similar tones for a complimentary effect. Light colors reflect light and open up an area, while darker tones absorb light and make areas appear smaller.  
  • Multi-colored pavers blend better with their surroundings and complement a multitude of hues and tones. 

Potted Plants-Synergy Outdoor Living

#3. Add Potted Plants 


Adding containers and potted plants is another great way to add texture and color to your space.


Potted plants really make your space pop!  

Choose bright shades like red, blue, magenta, and orange. 


Think boldly when selecting containers for your patio’s plants, as they can instantly amp up neutral spaces or shady spots in your yard.  


When choosing plants, consider plants with interesting leaves, colors, and of varying heights to give your space dimension and interest.  


#4. Install a Stone Wall  


Adding a textured stone retaining wall to your outdoor living space can up the aesthetic appeal of an area, and bring some extra personality to your home. Stone walls are not only attractive, but they are also strong and durable, so you can be sure that they will last for many years. 


Create the ideal look with pavers – the most popular choice of material for retaining walls. Pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you can design any kind of pattern or mosaic that best fits your desired style.  


Whether you use stone pavers or native stone from your area, the result is a natural look that adds character and dimension to your landscape! 

Fire and Water Feature-Synergy Outdoor Living

#5. Include Fire & Water Features  


Incorporating a fire and water feature in your outdoor living space is an excellent way to add both color and texture to the area.  


Fire adds warmth, light, and coziness while water has  

calming properties that can help reduce stress. 


Whether it’s a classic fire pit or a more modern wall of flames, fire adds warmth, light, and ambiance to any outdoor living area.  


Introducing water into the equation can complete the sense of harmony between indoors and outdoors. From tranquil fountains that invite conversation, to bubbling streams that make a statement, there is no limit to the creative ways you can incorporate these design elements into your landscape.  


With careful consideration of materials and design principles, these features can become integral parts of your outdoor living space for years to come. 


#6. Don’t Forget the Details  


When designing your outdoor space, don’t forget that little elements matter just as much as the other elements of your landscape.  


Consider your yard from every angle to get a sense of where a pop of color is needed. Be creative! 


  • Add a pop of color to your patio area by throwing a colorful throw blanket over your outdoor sofa. 
  • Use bright patterned rugs, umbrellas, and throw pillows around deck chairs and benches. 
  • Don’t forget about the lighting! String lights or wall-mounted sconces will create a cozy setting in the evening hours.  


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pergola near pool-Synergy Outdoor Living

Design a Stunning Outdoor Living Space  


If you want to design a beautiful outdoor living space at your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville home, our designers at Synergy Outdoor Living are here to make it happen!  


From amazing outdoor kitchens and outdoor furniture to fire and water features, we can design a space that you have only dreamed of! Contact us today to get started! 


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