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Do you want to take your outdoor kitchen and living space to the next level? Let’s create an amazing outdoor oasis 


Synergy Outdoor Living is here to help by sharing some of our favorite grill products for your luxury outdoor kitchen. Grilling isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life! With our top-of-the-line appliances and products, you’ll be able to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen—perfect for entertaining family and friends!  


Today, our team of designers highlights some of the best grills by Coyote that will help make your outdoor cooking area the envy of your neighborhood. Let’s get started 

double grill-Synergy Outdoor Living BBQ Gas Grill

Why We Love Coyote Outdoor Living Grills and Products  


Like us, the Coyote brand is passionate about being part of its customers’ outdoor entertaining dreams. Also like us, they believe that outdoor living enriches the lives of every customer, and it is their passion to make this happen. We love partnering with a like-minded company!  


Coyote Grills’ products are designed with durability, power, and precision in mind to give homeowners the freedom to grill and entertain with ease.  


We know that these are great products you’ll enjoy for years to come! And that’s the main reason we love this brand.  

People gathered around Coyote Grill at a backyard bbq party

Favorite Coyote Products to Consider 


Whatever outdoor entertaining means to you, Coyote has the perfect grill products and accessories to complement your outdoor lifestyle.  


Here are some of our favorite Coyote products…  


Gas Grills 


The centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen is often the grill. Coyote offers a wide range of types and sizes of traditional gas grills including:  


C-Series Grills 


Coyote’s C-Series grills are built for beginners to top chefs alike. All come with interior lighting for day or nighttime culinary pursuits.  


The compact 20” C1C28 model is ideal for small spaces, while the C2C36 is a terrific option for homeowners with a little more space. It provides an ample 875 square-inch grilling space and features four of Coyote’s high-performance cast stainless steel Infinity Burners™.  


C-Series models include: 

  • 28”: 40,000 BTU output & 585 sq-in of grilling space 
  • 34”: 60,000 BTU output & 765 sq-in of grilling space 
  • 36”: 80,000 BTU output & 875 sq-in of grilling space 
  • 42”: 100,000 BTU output & 955 sq-in of grilling space 


S-Series Grills  


The Coyote S-Series strives to exceed the highest grilling standards. Available in three sizes, this series offers various luxury items such as: 

  • Coyote cast stainless-steel Infinity Burners™ 
  • A rotisserie with an infrared burner  
  • Smoker box 
  • RapidSear™ burners to help lock in natural juices 
  • Backlit knobs 
  • LED lighting  


All S-Series grills fulfill the needs of even the most demanding grill master and feature 304 stainless steel construction and are finished by hand. Each grill features ceramic briquette heat control grids that help maintain the most precise temperature.  


S-Series models include: 

  • 30”: 70,000 BTU output & 665 sq-in of grilling space 
  • 36”: 90,000 BTU output & 795 sq-in of grilling space 
  • 42”: 110,000 BTU output & 955 sq-in of grilling space 

coyote pellet grill-Synergy Outdoor Living

Pellet Grills 


The Coyote Pellet Grill offers the next generation of outdoor cooking with the look and versatility of a luxury indoor appliance. Equipped with a state-of-the-art digital touchscreen, three food temperature probes, and a range of heat settings, home chefs can use this high-end grill like an indoor oven.  


Coyote’s Smart Drop pellet system can be used with flavored wood pellets of your choice to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods and entice your taste buds.  


When installing a luxury grill, details matter. This robust grill features a state-of-the-art spring-operated hood that raises with a mere touch. Nice!  


Pellet Grill models: 

  • 28”: Equipped with a hopper capacity of 12 lbs. & temperature range of 175°F – 650°F.  
  • 36”: Equipped with a hopper capacity of 15 lbs. & temperature range of 175°F – 700°F.  


Charcoal Grills & Smokers 


Many outdoor grilling enthusiasts appreciate the art of cooking with charcoal or smokethe slow cooking, the importance of precision temperature control, and the smells; it is truly a culinary art!  


Coyote’s charcoal grills & smokers are the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen space 



  • Built-in Asado Cooker: 254 inches of cooking area, equipped with a smoke, sear, or grill option.  
  • 36” Charcoal Grill: For use with charcoal or wood chips, 875 sq-in of grilling area 
  • 50” hybrid grill: A hybrid of a gas grill and a charcoal grill. Gas: Over 600 sq-in of cooking area, up to 40,000 BTU of output. Charcoal: Over 600 sq-in of cooking area, for use with charcoal or wood chips. 


Coyote Side Burner Accessories-Synergy Outdoor Living

Specialty Burners 


The kitchen is an ideal place for culinary exploration, and an outdoor kitchen is no different. Move beyond hotdogs and hamburgers; with Coyote Grills’ assortment of specialty grilling appliances and accessories, you will have a unique kitchen space full of options! 

  • Single Side Burner: constructed of 304 stainless steel, includes one 15,000 BTU brass burner, and stainless steel lid.  
  • Double Side Burner: includes two 15,000 BTU brass burners, and a stainless steel lid.  
  • Power Burner: Dual-valve burner with up to 60,000 BTUs, simmer performance at 1,000 BTUs. A Teppanyaki Griddle accessory is available, as well as a wok.  

Coyote Outdoor Living Accessories-Synergy Outdoor Living



Other Coyote Outdoor Living accessories that we are proud to offer include:  

  • Refrigeration  
  • Drop in cooler 
  • Pull out ice chest  
  • Rotisserie kits 
  • Smoker boxes 
  • And more!  


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Coyote Built-In Grill-Synergy Outdoor Living

Design a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen  


Coyote Outdoor Living has exceeded expectations when it comes to outdoor cooking tools. From grills to smokers and everything in between, their products are top-of-the-line and can easily elevate any outdoor chef’s experience.  


With the right tools, anyone can make delicious meals while enjoying the outdoors. So if you’re looking for the best of the best, Coyote Outdoor Living is a great choice! 


We are proud to offer only the best outdoor grilling brands and products in our custom outdoor kitchen installations. Get started with a design consultation today!  



Image credits: Coyote Grills 

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