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Since kitchens tend to be the heart of any home, it’s no wonder that outdoor kitchens are among the top design trends year after year. While an outdoor kitchen may sound more laid-back than its indoor counterpart, thoughtful planning when designing this space is just as important.  


If you’re considering extending your cooking space into Florida’s beautiful outdoors, here are some factors that you might be overlooking, and we’re here to help!  


Keep in mind: 

  • Knowing how you will use the space is crucial to the design of your outdoor kitchen.  
  • Mirroring your home’s aesthetics can help guide decisions for materials in the outdoor space.  
  • Don’t forget to include multiple electrical outlets so you can plug in anything you need with ease.  

Outdoor Kitchen Design Notes:  


Don’t ignore these 5 things when designing your amazing new outdoor kitchen. Trust us, the details matter. From deciding how the space will be used to mirroring the design inside your home, here are some of our top tips for designing your ultimate outdoor kitchen space.  


#1. Decide How You Will Use the Space 


The function of your outdoor kitchen will influence all aspects of design. Understanding how you intend to use this outdoor area will enable you to properly plan and pick the right-sized appliances or storage solutions.


Your outdoor kitchen can look great on paper, but if it isn’t functional for your needs, it does you no good.  


Here are some questions to ask yourself before getting started designing your outdoor kitchen space: 


  • What will I use the outdoor kitchen for? Ex. Grilling, entertaining, aesthetics, etc.  
  • How many people should the space accommodate?  
  • Do I want the kitchen close to my home for convenience or have it installed by the pool, under a pergola, etc.?  


These answers will play a big role in the results of your outdoor kitchen design, so it’s important to figure them out before breaking ground on your project. 


If you plan to use the space for entertaining, you will want to include a large patio space or add on features like a fire pit or fireplace, a sitting wall, music, and landscape lighting. The best part? These features will also help extend the use of the space into the night!  


Remember: having a good Design and Build Team will help you to get all the details right while keeping your project on track. Our designers are happy to help you with all the options for your stunning outdoor space. 



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#2. Mirror Your Home’s Existing Design Aesthetic 


It might appear overwhelming to make all the choices necessary to design your outdoor kitchen. We do, however, offer a suggestion that will enhance your design and limit your options:



For your custom outdoor kitchen to blend in effortlessly,

design your outdoor space with the current design aesthetics and

building materials of your home in mind.


Repeated building materials, such as granite, brick, stone, or stucco, can harmonize your new outdoor space with the interior of your house.

#3. Consider the Placement of the Grill  


The location of the grill will be a crucial consideration when building your outdoor kitchen. Make sure the grill is positioned appropriately, keeping the cook in mind, as nobody wants to grill with their back to the party.


We advise positioning the grill so that you can entertain guests while cooking and enjoying a view of the patio or bar. Some popular designs our clients prefer are L-shape or U-shape. An added bonus: you can create different zones in your outdoor cooking space.  



#4. Be Intentional With Lighting 


A well-lit kitchen is crucial for creating a functional entertaining and cooking space, but it is also an opportunity to infuse the space with style and ambiance.  



Always install lighting that is damp-rated—meaning  

that it can withstand a little moisture.  

Hello, Florida humidity!  



And even then, make sure that the lights have coverage and are not fully exposed to the elements. Additionally, areas where meals are prepared and cooked should have smart task lighting and be well-lit from above. (Like around the grill so you can see while you’re cooking). 


Accent lighting can help transition your backyard space from day to night in locations where people will be dining and relaxing outdoors. If you choose to incorporate a water feature, we can highlight it with landscape lighting so you can take in the scenery far into the evenings.



Pro Tip: Outdoor lighting is more than just stringing lights together for a party. Consider how you would light your indoor kitchen if you were using it outdoors. To light up your activities and improve the perspective, place lighting at various levels and along the space’s perimeter.



#5. Include Electrical Outlets 


When planning the new outdoor living area, think about everything that might need electricity. Not being able to watch the big game outside, is simply not living the dream. We may need to plug in outdoor gadgets including:  


  • Appliances like blenders, carving knives, ice machines, and more.  
  • Decorative lighting 
  • Entertainment & sound systems 


Let’s not forget a place to charge your cell phone or tablet! Be sure to decide how many outlets you need before breaking ground. Don’t forget to include a few USB ports for charging devices, and that all outdoor outlets are GFCI outlets as required by the National Electric Code.   

Florida Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design  


Installing a luxury outdoor kitchen in Florida is an excellent way to bring the outdoor living experience to life. From beautiful countertops and built-in outdoor grills to refrigerators, sinks, and custom cabinets, there’s no limit to how you can personalize your space.  


With careful design, quality materials, and expert installation, it’s possible to create an outdoor kitchen that truly reflects your unique tastes and lifestyle. 


Our experienced designers at Synergy Outdoor Living can help you bring your ideas to life with minimal stress and maximum efficiency. Get started today! Until then, check out our project gallery for inspiration for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville, FL home! 

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