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When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the sky’s the limit… literally, you’re outdoors! You can create any type of space you want, whether it’s a rustic oasis with a cozy firepit and plenty of seating, or a sleek contemporary kitchen with all the bells and whistles. However, putting it all together can be tricky and difficult to decide on.  


Don’t worry, the professionals at Synergy Outdoor Living are here to help guide you in the right direction for your outdoor living space! Keep reading for tips on how to furnish and select the perfect decor. Let’s get started! 


Decide Your Outdoor Living Space’s Theme 

Before you start furnishing and decorating your outdoor kitchen, it’s important to decide on an overall theme or design scheme. Do you want something cozy and rustic? Sleek and modern? Contemporary? There are endless possibilities! Many homeowners decide to carry on their decor scheme from inside, to the outdoors for a seamless look.  


Another thing to consider is the overall layout of your outdoor living space. How much space you have to work with and the shape of your kitchen area should greatly influence your choices. Once you’ve decided on a general direction, you can start picking out specific pieces that fit with your vision. 



Galley-Style Outdoor Kitchen 

The galley layout is efficient and perfect for entertaining. When furnishing a galley-style outdoor kitchen, opt for counter-height stools or chairs so guests can chat and have a drink while you’re cooking. You’ll also want to make sure there’s plenty of prep space, as well as storage for all your grilling essentials.  


If you have extra space, adding a round or square dining table to the side would be ideal. This will bring the food and conversation over to the dinner table once it’s time to eat as well as offer more space for any extra guests. Include an outdoor rug that matches your color palette to protect the ground from any tough food stains.  


As far as decor goes, keep things simple and clean-lined to let the food be the star of the show. Add a vase or two of fresh flowers for a pop of color, and you’re all set! 



U-Shaped & L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchens 

If you have a larger outdoor living space, with a U-shaped or L-shaped layout you will likely have plenty of room to furnish and decorate your space. When furnishing your kitchen area, you can line your counter space with barstools for maximum seating.  


Spruce things up with a few decorative bowls and plates for the bar to fill with snacks and appetizers to enjoy while chit-chatting with the cook. If you like greenery, consider adding a few small potted succulents to the countertops. You won’t want anything that takes up too much space.  



One Wall Outdoor Kitchens 

If you’re working with a smaller outdoor space, or have a one-wall layout, don’t worry! Having a kitchen with a minimal footprint gives you even more space to design everything around it. A small cooking area doesn’t mean you can’t still have a stylish and functional space.  


You’ll likely only have room for a few small stools or chairs to pull up to the counter, so consider making them count by choosing something unique or eye-catching. As for decor, a few simple wall-mounted shelves can hold all your cooking utensils and spices within arm’s reach. Consider a backsplash or a media wall to maximize the use of your space.  


Looking for an easy switch of style?

Add a pop of color or pattern with a fun kitchen towel, or go for something more neutral to keep things calm and serene.  



Additional Decor for Every Outdoor Kitchen Area 

Of course, the kitchen itself is only part of the equation; you’ve got the whole patio or backyard to play with! Whether it is the patio furniture itself, or the decor/landscaping across the whole yard, you can make your entire outdoor space work together cohesively. 


If you have the space, including a water feature as a focal point is perfect for a relaxing space that can drown out any noise from neighbors or traffic.  


For a cozy feel, consider adding a firepit or fireplace to your outdoor kitchen. This will create a natural gathering spot and extend the use of your outdoor living space into cooler months. Of course, you’ll need some comfy seating around the fire; so, make sure your seating arrangement’s cushions and pillows coordinate with your overall theme and color palette.  


Still unsure of where you want to take your outdoor decor? Give Synergy a call at (877) 664-0770 to help you decide what’s best for your space. 


Get Inspired with Synergy Outdoor Living

No matter what your outdoor living style is, Synergy Outdoor Living can build an outdoor kitchen to perfectly suit your needs. From design to installation, we’ll work with you every step of the way to create your dream outdoor living space. 


Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect materials, layout, appliances, and accessories based on your unique needs. With a wide variety of styles and materials, you’re sure to find something that fits both your needs and your aesthetic. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free consultation for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville area home!

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