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As with real estate, when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen – it’s all about the location. Where you install your kitchen plays a critical role in things like convenience, functionality, aesthetics, and even safety.  

Not sure where to start? Our expert designers at Synergy Outdoor Living are here to share top tips and considerations about selecting the ideal location for your outdoor cooking space.  

We’ll guide you through what to consider including:  

  • Convenience: How accessible is it compared to your main house structure? 
  • Utilities: What are the distances to water, gas, and electric lines from your chosen location? 
  • Natural elements: How will sunlight, shade, and wind direction play a factor? 
  • Privacy & view: How do you create a space that allows you to enjoy a beautiful view while maintaining privacy?  

Let’s get started! 

gray kitchen with stainless steel appliances in bright outdoor kitchen

Why Location Matters 

The location of your outdoor space significantly impacts how you’ll use, enjoy, and maintain it.  A well-orchestrated outdoor kitchen location promotes better workflow, makes it easier for utilities to be installed, and optimizes the use of available room.  


Your outdoor kitchen should be a place that matches  your aesthetic

preferences, but also takes into account  all practical considerations. 


Let’s go over some factors to keep in mind.  

#1. Proximity to Indoor Kitchen 

Ideally, your outdoor culinary space should be easily reachable, both from your house and from the rest of your garden or backyard. Think about how often you’ll use your patio and where people might gather. Having your outdoor kitchen near your patio door, or pool can boost its usefulness.  

While you want it to feel distinctive and separate from the indoors, it’s beneficial if the indoor kitchen and bathroom are quickly accessible from it.  

#2. Consider Your Utilities 

When choosing the location, contemplate the distance to your main water line, natural gas line, and electric lines.  

  • You’ll need water access for things like cleaning and cooking. If your desired spot is far from your home’s primary water source, you may need to invest in longer pipe installations or consider using portable or manual alternatives.  
  • If you plan to use gas equipment, proximity to a gas line is crucial. The closer your grill is to the gas supply, the less piping is required, meaning lowered installation expenses and easier maintenance.  
  • You’ll require electricity for appliances like refrigerators, lighting, and even for charging your mobile devices while you enjoy your patio. The further away your kitchen is from the electrical source, the more wiring you’ll need, increasing the overall project cost.  

Every space is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. At Synergy Outdoor Living, our designers take time to understand your needs, preferences, and the specific features of your site to propose the most suitable location for your outdoor kitchen! Get a quote today!  

Outdoor kitchen with bar by pool

#3. Natural Elements: Sun, Shade, & Wind  

Ask yourself, how will the sun and shade play out throughout the day where your outdoor cooking space will be situated?  

If the spot you’re considering gets continuous sunshine, it could make cooking during summer somewhat uncomfortable and may even lead to faster wear and tear on your kitchen amenities. This is why we recommend picking a location with a fair amount of shade or designing a shade structure, such as a pergola or an umbrella.  

But, while shade provides comfort, it’s essential not to underestimate the sun. Natural sunlight can warm your patio, offer excellent lighting conditions, and even boost your mood while you cook or dine outdoors. 

Further, wind direction should be a key consideration in your planning process:  

  • Smoke direction: You don’t want the pervasive scent of smoked meat consistently wafting into your home or your neighbor’s yard. The wind can carry these smells, so orient your grill in a way that smoke is carried in a favorable direction. 


  • Comfort: If you live in a particularly balmy climate (hello, Florida!), a gently blowing breeze can be a gift. It can cool off your outside space during hot days and create a more comfortable environment for guests. 


  • Safety: Wind can potentially blow sparks or embers, causing a potential safety hazard or even a fire risk. 

Choose a location that takes advantage of the wind’s positives, and minimizes the negatives. 

#4. View & Privacy 

While you want to take advantage of scenic surroundings, ensuring privacy from neighbors is essential.  

  • Do you have a lush garden, a sparkling pool, or beautiful coastal views? If so, consider placing your outdoor kitchen in a position where you can take full advantage of these views. 
  • A poolside bar or cooking area allows easy access to snacks and drinks, adding a layer of convenience to your outdoor hosting. 
  • Consider utilizing high fences, strategically placed plants, or privacy screens. 

Remember, this space is an extension of your home’s interior. You want to be just as comfortable as you would be inside!  

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alfresco built in grill in custom kitchen 

It’s All About the Location 

Where you install your outdoor kitchen shouldn’t be an afterthought. It significantly impacts the functionality, accessibility, and enjoyment of your patio. Factors like proximity to your indoor kitchen, access to utilities, sun and shade balance, wind direction, view, privacy, and integration with other outdoor features should all be carefully considered.  


Our team at Synergy Outdoor Living is always ready to offer expert advice and help you find the perfect spot that complements your lifestyle and maximizes your outdoor living experience. Let’s get started on designing your oasis in Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville today!  

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