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If you’re contemplating the addition of a range hood in your outdoor kitchen, you’re in the right place! Today our team at Synergy Outdoor Living, is spotlighting one of our brand partners — Trade-Wind. They’re a trusted outdoor vent hood brand and we can’t stop recommending their products!  

We’ll cover:  

  • What makes Trade-Wind hoods special 
  • Favorite products from their line 
  • Tips for installing a vent hood in your outdoor kitchen

We believe that your outdoor kitchen deserves nothing but the best – that’s why we love to install Trade-Wind hoods! 


Trade-Wind Hoods

Trade-Wind Hoods: Elegance Meets Functionality 

When it comes to investing in your outdoor kitchen, it’s crucial to consider both the aesthetic and functional aspects. And that’s exactly what Trade-Wind delivers—a perfect blend of elegance and practicality.  


These hoods, renowned for their sleek designs, not only seamlessly blend with your outdoor decor but also offer high-end functionality that is hard to beat.  


The materials that Trade-Wind uses are carefully selected for durability and composition. They can easily stand up to the rigors of outdoor cooking, providing robust, lasting service. But alongside their robust designs, Trade-Wind also excels at incorporating finesse into their outdoor range hoods, ensuring they look as gorgeous as they are practical. 

More than just aesthetically pleasing, these hoods perform an essential role in keeping your outdoor space smoke and odor-free, enhancing the overall outdoor dining experience. Plus, their ease of operation and maintenance is yet another reason why they are a top pick for many homeowners like you. 

And we can’t forget to mention that all Trade-Wind products are proudly manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, and are covered by a three-year warranty. Nice!  


Different Models of Trade-Wind Hoods 

With an expansive choice of models available, Trade-Wind offers something to suit everyone’s design aesthetic and practical requirements.  

We have several favorites that effortlessly blend style, efficiency, and durability.  

  • P7200 Series Pyramid Style: This model’s pyramid design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor kitchen but also effectively draws smoke and odors away from your cooking area. 
  • P7200 Series: Made to install over outdoor islands, this series is the perfect centerpiece in larger outdoor kitchens, ensuring efficient ventilation from all angles. 
  • T7200 Series: This hood has a straightforward and sleek design, perfect for minimalist outdoor spaces while upholding high-performance ventilation.
  • S7200 Series: This series has a streamlined design that is as efficient as it’s visually appealing, guaranteeing that your outdoor cooking experience is smoke and odor-free. 
  • 7200 Series: Thanks to its broad coverage and robust construction, this outdoor range hood is perfect for larger-scale outdoor grilling setups. 

Regardless of the model, Trade-Wind ensures optimum efficiency and style in every design, making your outdoor kitchen not only look good but work magnificently too! 

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Tips for Choosing a Hood for Your Outdoor Kitchen 

While vent hood vents aren’t always necessary for your outdoor kitchen space, we like to recommend them since they whisk away smoke and grease, keeping your space fresh and clean. 

If you’re thinking of installing one: 

#1. Understand Your Needs  

Are you a heavy griller, or do you mostly cook light meals outside? Understanding your cooking habits will help you decide what size hood you need. Trade-Wind offers several different widths to ensure the perfect fit including: 

  • 36” 
  • 42” 
  • 48″ 
  • 54” 
  • 60” 
  • 66” 
  • 72” 

#2. Consider the Technical Aspects  

Beyond the size, it’s important to consider the functionality. 

Take into account the hood’s: 

  • Airflow capacity 
  • Noise levels 
  • Ease of maintenance 

Trade-Wind outdoor vent hoods are known for their high performance and quiet operation, and they come with optional, easy-to-clean filters.  

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Elevate Your Grilling Game with Trade-Wind 

Trade-Wind hoods will undoubtedly elevate your outdoor cooking game! At Synergy Outdoor Living, we have seen firsthand the impressive performance and quality construction of these vent hoods, making them a standout choice for our clients.  

If you’re interested in installing one of these exceptional hoods into your outdoor living area in Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville, contact our outdoor kitchen designers today!  

We can’t wait to help you take your grilling experience to the next level with Trade-Wind! Let’s get started! 

Synergy Outdoor Living