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With a blend of innovation, style, and quality, Endura Cabinetry not only enhances the aesthetics but also the functionality of any outdoor cooking area. But don’t just take our word for it; keep reading and see for yourself why our kitchen designers at Synergy Outdoor Living, as well as homeowners, are raving about Endura Cabinetry!  

Top perks include:  

  • Unrivaled durability and design flexibility.  
  • Top-notch materials that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, ensuring your outdoor kitchen remains in pristine condition year-round. 
  • A broad range of styles, and colors, allow for a unique customization that suits your personal taste and complements your outdoor space perfectly. 

Let’s explore more!  

Elevate the aesthetic CTA image with outside kitchen photos Why Endura Cabinetry is the Ultimate Choice for Outdoor Kitchens 

At the heart of Endura Cabinetry’s appeal is the perfect blend of USA-quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Constructed in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these cabinets provide not only durability but also an elegant appeal that enhances your outdoor cooking spaces with a casual sophistication.  

What sets Endura apart is the close attention to detail that goes into the execution and design of every piece. The doors, for instance, are finely crafted and embossed, plus they have patented hidden joinery technology which provides a solid, stable joint. 

Choosing Endura Cabinetry means choosing quality, durability, beauty, modernity, and advanced technology.  

Endura’s cabinets are built for convenience. They require remarkably little maintenance which allows you time to focus more on your culinary adventures and less on cleaning chores!  

It’s no wonder that our design team loves incorporating Endura Cabinetry into our outdoor kitchen spaces!  

custom outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and Endura cabinets

Favorite Endura Cabinet Door Styles  

Here’s a short list of our favorite cabinet door styles: 


The Club-style door features meticulously crafted, horizontally beveled grooves that provide a sleek, polished finish to the cabinet door. 

The horizontal lines are neatly contained within a flat stylized border, and the sophisticated beveled edge gives it a distinctive transitional look.  


Sleek, angular, and straightforward, the Moderno design is the epitome of simplicity with a contemporary twist. The flat surface empowers the color and texture of the door to take center stage, creating an aesthetic appeal that complements any outdoor kitchen setup. 


The Regent is a quintessential choice for those seeking a traditional aesthetic. The Regent characterizes itself with a deep precision grooved profile and an ornate ogee edge, marking it unparalleled as a classic raised panel door.   


If you fancy a touch of contemporary minimalism, then you’re going to love the Sedona shaker-style cabinet doors. Known for their refined simplicity, these doors are designed with precision beveled grooves and finished edges creating a sleek, uncluttered look. 


You’ll find that the Oxford door style echoes the much-loved v-grooved design, immediately adding a touch of farmhouse-cottage charm to any outdoor living space. The pronounced beveled vertical grooves of the Oxford door are gracefully framed within a sleek, flat border and accentuated with a beveled outer edge.  

Endura cabinetry colors

Available Cabinetry Colors  

The Endura Cabinetry color palette is broad and versatile, ensuring that you’ll find just the perfect shade to match your design aesthetic.  

Colors include: 

  • Black Jack  
  • Dove White 
  • Dune  
  • Heartstone Brown  
  • Mica  
  • Symphony Blue  
  • Slate Gray 
  • Charcoal Gray  
  • Dolphin Gray  
  • Nutmeg  

Plus, they offer a wood grain style with their “Decograin” finishes in: 

  • Barnwood Gray  
  • Brown Walnut 
  • White Oak  


Tips to Choose Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry Style & Colors  

Choosing the right style and colors for your outdoor cabinetry can make a world of difference, transforming this functional space into a more aesthetic, enjoyable area. But how do you choose from all the options? Well, that’s what our team is here for!  


Consider these tips: 


  • First, think about your design aesthetic. Do you want a traditional country-style look, or perhaps a sleek, modern style? Consider the surrounding structures and elements in your property, as well. Coordinating the style of your cabinetry with these elements will ensure a seamless blend.  


  • Next, let’s talk color. One approach is to contrast your cabinet color with your exterior paint. For example, crisp white cabinets can stand out beautifully against a dark-painted home or vice versa. Or, perhaps you prefer a more harmonious, monochromatic color scheme. Endura Cabinetry offers a wide color palette, giving you the freedom to choose a color that aligns with either approach.  


Remember, this space is your canvas. Let your personal preferences drive your decisions and create an outdoor space that truly complements your home and lifestyle!  

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Redefine Your Outdoor Space  

Endura Cabinetry can truly transform your outdoor kitchen experience. With their high-quality cabinetry and innovative designs, you can create the ultimate outdoor kitchen that showcases both style and practicality. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your outdoor living with Endura Cabinetry from Synergy Outdoor Living. Let’s get started on designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen space together! 



Featured Image Credit: Endura Cabinetry  

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