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Why be confined to your kitchen while your friends and family enjoy the great outdoors? Here’s to whipping up culinary masterpieces in an epicurean oasis. Also known as, your backyard.  

From grilling mouthwatering steaks to baking artisanal pizzas in a pizza oven, design an outdoor haven that caters to all your culinary desires. 

And with features like a wine chiller and kegerator, you can indulge in the finest libations as you entertain. So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your cooking game and transform your patio into a true paradise? 

Let’s get to the delicious details! 

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Beyond the Grill: Extraordinary Features of an Outdoor Kitchen 


We love our grills that’s for sure, but there are so many extraordinary and stand-out features that can redefine your outdoor living space: 

Credit: Lynx Grills


Outdoor Pizza Ovens  

A pizza oven like a Napoli Outdoor Oven from Lynx is an outstanding addition to your outdoor kitchen. Not only does it add a rustic charm, but it also allows you to create and enjoy authentic-tasting pizza right in your backyard. You can’t beat that! 



Credit: Kamado Joe  



If you’re a BBQ enthusiast, a smoker like those from Kamado Joe is an absolute must-have. The unique flavor it imparts to your grilled food is beyond compare. With a smoker, you’ll be the undisputed grill king or queen who can deliver delicious, succulent dishes at every BBQ gathering!  




If you’re a beer lover who enjoys socializing and entertaining, a kegerator is an excellent addition to your outdoor space. Whether you’re smoking ribs or baking pizza in your outdoor oven, the convenience and quality of having fresh draft beer will enhance your culinary experience.  



Wine Chillers  

An absolute delight for wine connoisseurs, a wine chiller ensures that you always have that perfect glass of chilled wine at the ready. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such convenience and sheer elegance?  





Flat Top Grill  

The EVO flattop grill doesn’t just grill; it transforms your cooking experience, opening up a world of culinary possibilities. While grilling is an essential part of using a flattop grill, you’re not limited to it. You can also griddle, sear, saute, smoke, and even bake.  


All the custom details might seem like a dream, but with Synergy Outdoor Living, it becomes a reality! Contact our design team to get started.  


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Enhance the Ambiance Outdoors 


It’s not just your outdoor kitchen; it’s an entire living area. Transform your entire yard and truly set the tone. Here are some design elements to consider:  

Fire Features  

An inviting fire pit or an elegant fireplace not only augments the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor setting but also adds functional value.  


  • Fire pits: Perfect for roasting marshmallows or simply adding a warm glow to your evening gatherings. It’s not just an aesthetic feature; it’s an experience that compels you to connect with food and friends in a unique way. 


  • Fire tables: These features not only provide warmth on chilly evenings but also create a captivating focal point.  


  • Fireplace rock walls: An electric or gas fire feature nestled in a rock wall can add a touch of rustic charm and elegance to your outdoor living space. (Trust us, it’s a nice element to look at when you do take your eyes off what you’re cooking.) 


Water Features 

Water features can be the perfect companions in masking intrusive noise from busy traffic or chatty neighbors while adding a soothing rhythm to your outdoor cooking and other activities.  


  • Fountains: These are not just visually appealing. The sound of bubbling water helps create a tranquil atmosphere for cooking and dining alike. 


  • Waterfalls: The soft cascading sounds of waterfalls can make everyday grilling feel like a relaxing retreat. They are perfect for turning your outdoor kitchen into a peaceful sanctuary. 


It’s true, water features impart an element of tranquility that truly echoes Florida living in any outdoor space! 


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Make the Most of Florida Outdoor Living  

Synergy Outdoor Living is dedicated to transforming your outdoor dining experience into something truly extraordinary! From state-of-the-art appliances to luxurious seating areas, every detail will be meticulously designed and crafted to make the most of Florida’s amazing weather with friends and family.  

Ready to get started? Contact Synergy Outdoor Living today and let us bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life! 


Featured image credit: Summerset Grills

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