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Upgrading your grill can be an exciting prospect. Synergy Outdoor Living believes that if you’re investing in your outdoor space – you deserve the best. Why settle for something that might not last when you could buy a grill for life? 

Delta Heat is an amazing option for any outdoor chef. Their products are a cut above the rest and deserve some attention if you haven’t looked into them. They are the sister company of one of our other favorites – Twin Eagles. 

Here our outdoor kitchen designers share our grill guide on Delta Heat Grills:

About Delta Heat 

Delta Heat’s founder is award-winning gas engineer, Dante Cantal. Dante has been instrumental in the development of commercial and residential cooking equipment. He has taken over 30 years of experience and poured his passion into these grills. They are premium in design, materials, construction, and performance.

These grills are designed and tested at the Twin Eagles facility in Cerritos, California. All of their grills are made with passion. Their team is full of industry-leading designers, engineers, and craftsmen. 


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Delta Heat Products Make for the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen 

We know that the grill serves as the cornerstone of any custom outdoor kitchen, but this company also shares our belief that it is the complementary products – like side burners and sinks – that bring your space to life. 

Because they are premium products, Delta Heat has a variety of options when it comes to grills and accessories. We like that the Delta Heat link has everything covered for your cooking, storage, and entertaining needs. They have a large product line to help you create a space that is unique to you.  

Here are some of the options that Delta Heat offers to create your amazing outdoor kitchen: 


Built-In Premier Grills 

  • 26” outdoor gas grill 
  • 32” outdoor gas grill 
  • 38”  outdoor gas grill 


Freestanding Premier Grills 

  • 38” Grill Base 
  • 32” Grill Base 
  • 26” Grill Base 


Built-in Cooking Accessories 

  • Power burner 
  • Teppanyaki grill 
  • Double side burner 
  • Single side burner, drop-in 


Access Doors & Drawers 

  • Horizontal single access door 
  • Single access doors 
  • Double access doors 
  • 13” double storage doors 
  • 13” triple storage doors 
  • Door / two of three drawer combo 
  • Trash / LP Tank Drawer 
  • Tall trash drawer (single or double) 
  • 15” paper towel holder 
  • Trash chute 


Built-in Bar Accessories 

  • 15” drop-in cooler 
  • 30” cooler drawer 
  • 15” drop-in sink 
  • 20” outdoor refrigerator 


Ventilation Accessories 

  • Charcoal tray 
  • Built-in vinyl cover 
  • Freestanding vinyl cover 
  • Insulating jackets 
  • Griddle plate 


Durable Design: High-Quality Products 

Along with these amazing options – these are also built to some very high-quality standards. Delta Heat Gas Grills are made from 304 stainless steel. These are extremely tough, rust-free, and durable. They don’t take a lot of effort to maintain. They are welded shut, so there are no gaps for moisture and grease to accumulate. 

The design of these grills is innovative – the lids are double-walled for heat retention. The outside and handle stay cool because of this same double wall feature. They also have built-in halogen lights that illuminate the cooking area if you’re cooking after dark. 

Along with all of that, Delta Grills offer a lifetime warranty on their grills. They truly stand behind their product – because they are a fantastic one and an excellent alternative to Twin Eagles. They are an amazing option for any grill master- beginner or expert. They will upgrade your outdoor cooking space, and their versatility will suit any needs you may have. 


Upgrade Your Outdoor Space 

Build a space that suits you and your family’s unique cooking and entertaining style! Delta Heat has the grills and accessories that you can use for years to come with family and friends.  

If you’re looking to upgrade your patio or outdoor kitchen – we’d love to talk. Synergy Outdoor Living is all about making your home dreams a reality. We deliver inspired designs for homes in Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida. Call us today to learn more about adding luxury to your outdoor spaces! 


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