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We’re lucky here in Florida – grilling season never ends! However, some of our options for grilling changes and the comfort foods of fall come to play. We love that we get to use our amazing outdoor spaces all year long, so we wanted to share some of our favorite tips for better grilling this fall.

Apple Season 

Fall is also the time that brings a lot of apple varieties – and who doesn’t love apple season? This is your time to give grilling apples a try. Apples stand up especially well to heat, just brush them with butter or oil and grill until they’re tender. Add some cinnamon for a sweet, spiced treat.

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Make a Fall Marinade 

There are so many flavors associated with fall and it’s time to integrate them into a delicious marinade. Consider using maple, rosemary, and bourbon – as they are the flavors of fall and will be amazing with any meat you pair them with. 


Add Some Squash 

Pumpkins get a lot of love all season long, but there is more to squash than just pumpkins. Grab some butternut squash and a mix of fall squash and make some squash skewers. Coat the squash in olive oil and cook until the squash is tender. It’ll add some nice, colorful veggies as a side to any protein. 


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Chili on the Grill 

Using a large cast-iron or a dutch oven, you can cook up your favorite chili recipe on the grill. Chili is the perfect fall comfort food. Cooking it on the grill will give it a smoky richness that you can’t get in the kitchen. 


Grilled Salsa 

Picture this: You’re hosting NFL Sunday this week. You’ve got your food covered, but what’s one thing you can add to elevate? Chips and salsa – yes, but let’s take it one step further – let’s grill up that salsa! 

Chargrilled veggies added to salsa will add depth to the flavors. Impress your friends with this simple substitution. 


Wings, Wings, Wings 


You don’t have to fry up wings and you don’t have to cook them in the oven if you don’t want to – pop those wings on the grill! Use that fall marinade we made earlier, and you have yourself an incredible meal. 


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Charred Veggie Salad 

As we’ve talked a bit, we know that we don’t have to only grill meat – but what if you make your family and friends a mean, partially green, grilled veggie salad. We like this salad recipe by one of our top grill brands Twin Eagles.  

Mix it up! Chop up those fall veggies like peppers, brussels sprouts, eggplant, onions, and romaine. Coat your chosen veggies in olive oil and grill until tender. Chop them up, give them a mix, and add your favorite dressing. 


Go Big – and Go Turkey! 

Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t need to be in the oven or a deep fryer – give it a try on the grill! It can be an amazing take on a family classic, and you can get those smoky flavors you wouldn’t get anywhere else but the grill. 


It’s Grilling Season!  

There are so many fun ways to grill all year round. We at Synergy Outdoor Living want you to live in your dream spaces. Call us today to talk about how we can upgrade your patio or lanai to build the best backyard that your family can enjoy season after season, year after year.  

Happy fall! And Happy grilling!

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