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Imagine the salty sea breeze gently caressing your skin, crashing waves in the background, and a delectable meal sizzling on your outdoor grill. Coastal outdoor kitchens offer a luxurious and immersive experience that brings the tranquility of the seaside right to your backyard. 


With features inspired by seaside living and must-have accessories that enhance functionality and style, transforming your outdoor space into a captivating retreat is easier than you think. In this guide, our team at Synergy Outdoor Living invites you to explore the key elements that make up these dreamy outdoor kitchens and provides expert tips on creating your seaside oasis right at home.  


We’ll guide you through:  

  • Styling options and colors inspired by the beach 
  • Durable materials that stand up to the elements  
  • Accessories to make the most of your space  
  • Lighting ideas to complete the look  


Ready? Let’s explore!  

coastal inspired outdoor kitchen with gray cabinets and backsplash

How to Achieve the Coastal Look 


To cultivate a true coastal atmosphere in your outdoor kitchen, it is crucial to select the appropriate colors and textures. This choice essentially sets the tone of your cooking space, creating an ambiance that’s reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach.  


When it comes to colors, think of the serene beauty of the coast. Opt for soft hues that convey the essence of sand, sea, and sky. Colors such as varying shades of blue and green channel the invigorating energy of the ocean and sky. Meanwhile, neutrals such as sand beige, shale-gray, and seashell-white conjure up the image of the shoreline.  


Textures play an equally important role in your kitchen design. Incorporate elements akin to a beach landscape; this could mean using furnishings in tones of weather-beaten gray mimicking weathered docks or driftwood. Beyond furniture and surfaces, choosing accessories with a seaside charm can level up your kitchen design. Bead Board-style cabinetry, for instance, lends a nostalgic nautical feel.  


Ultimately, selecting a blend of colors and textures that reflect a beachy vibe will ensure your outdoor kitchen is a calming, refreshing, and inviting space. 

Materials for a Long-Lasting Coastal Outdoor Kitchen 


The choice of material used in your kitchen space plays an equally essential role in its longevity and functionality. Considering the salty and moist climate typical of oceanic areas, the durability of your materials is of paramount importance.  


Stainless Steel 


One of our favorite materials is stainless steel. This is often regarded as the best long-term investment for outdoor kitchens. The use of stainless steel extends beyond just cabinets. Many high-tech appliances such as built-in pellet grills, pizza ovens, and power burners also feature this resilient material.  


Granite Countertops 


Another robust and elegant material to consider is granite. Not only does it add a sophisticated aesthetic to your outdoor kitchen, but granite beautifully complements the coastal theme with its natural texture and color variability. Besides, it’s known for its durability and resistance to heat and scratches.  


Consider durability and aesthetics equally, and your marine-inspired haven will both captivate guests and stand the test of time. 

oceanside outdoor kitchen

Essential Outdoor Kitchen Features 


When assembling your outdoor kitchen, there are myriad accessories you can add to elevate your cooking and entertaining experiences. Imagine brewing up your favorite craft beer from your built-in kegerator, right under the open sky.  


Or picture grilling up some freshly caught fish or searing steaks on your built-in grill. You can choose top-notch options like American-Made Grills, Alfresco Luxury Grills, or Sedona by Lynx, ready to bring high-quality heat to any feast.  


And if Italian cuisine is your forte, why not install a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen? You can create an array of pizzas topped with local seafood or farm-fresh veggies. The warmth from the oven combined with the gentle sea breeze promises an unforgettable alfresco dining experience.  

Lighting Tips for Your Coastal Outdoor Kitchen 


Lighting plays a pivotal role in elevating the ambiance of your ocean-inspired outdoor cooking space. It’s not merely about illuminating the area; it’s about creating a certain mood and aesthetic that resonates with the coastal spirit.  


First, for general lighting, consider incorporating rustic lanterns. These provide ample ambient light while adding a warm, welcoming charm reminiscent of the beachside. You can hang them from the roof of your outdoor kitchen or mount them on walls for an authentic look.  


An excellent choice for task lighting is recessed lights. Embedded into the ceiling, these lights offer a bright, focused illumination that won’t obstruct your view of the ocean scenery. Consider fixtures with a hint of brass or copper for a touch of modernity.  


LED light strips can also be used for accent lighting. Install them under your granite countertops or within your stainless-steel cabinetry for a soft blue glow that quietly echoes the cool, calming tones of the ocean.  


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l-shaped kitchen with ocean-side view

Design Your Dream Coastal Kitchen Oasis 


The seaside-inspired look is more than just a design style for us at Synergy Outdoor Livingit’s a way of life that reflects the beauty and tranquility of our Florida surroundings. By incorporating elements inspired by the ocean into your outdoor living space, you can create a serene and inviting oasis right in your backyard.  


Embrace the laid-back elegance of beachside living and let us elevate your outdoor space into a true sanctuary where you can relax and unwind.  


Contact us today to get started on this exciting journey toward creating your seaside-inspired paradise! Our team is ready to help you bring this vision to life with a personalized design consultation tailored to your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville home. 


Synergy Outdoor Living