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Indoor/outdoor living is always trending in Florida. We are not only seeing a rise in outdoor kitchens being installed, but also a strong desire for an elegant, modern, and contemporary styled design.

We believe your outdoor kitchen and living area should be a natural extension of your home. By creating cohesion with the color, layout, materials, and lighting of your outdoor kitchen, Synergy Outdoor Living can create a fresh, modern space for your next get-together! Contact our designers to get started.

Make it Modern: Contemporary Design Basics 


Design styles vary based on a few differences. The look and feel of a space can be drastically changed by swapping out the colors and the decor, but contemporary design takes it a step further than that.  


Contemporary design is a broader term and is focused on finding cohesiveness in different simplistic elements. Color, shapes, textures, and lighting all fit together to create a simple yet luxurious look. 



The colors of your design are influenced by your personal style, and there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to your color preferences. Typically, contemporary design uses contrasting neutral colors, such as white, black, gray, and earth tones like various shades of brown and cream. 


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A design style doesn’t have to be loud to stand out, it just needs to flow together. When choosing the colors and materials, consider what feel you want the kitchen to give off. Sharp and sleek, or rounded and calm?  


All the elements of a contemporary style kitchen work together to form a geometric symphony. 



From the shape of the faucet to the edges of the countertop, every single line can play a large part in how the full design is perceived. Each cabinet, appliance, item, and piece of decor can work together to form a geometric symphony. 

Materials & Textures 


While the colors add a mood, the shapes work to build on that feeling of the design. Textures and materials, however, provide depth and contrast. Dark cabinetry paired with stainless steel appliances can add a big touch of contrast and luxury to your outdoor kitchen.  


Marble or stone countertops can break up the monotony of your cabinet colors, and completely evolve the look and feel of the space! 


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Proper Lighting 


Adding the perfect lighting is the last step to enhance your contemporary cooking paradise! Soft, variable lighting is essential to adjust the mood and provide a relaxing space, but don’t just stop there!  


Fire tables, torches, lanterns, and string lights can transform the nighttime look of your patio from typical patio lighting to something straight out of a movie. 


The Layout 


To achieve a modern, contemporary feel in your kitchen design, it is important to keep the layout open and welcoming. An open design lets in more natural light and allows the kitchen to appear larger than it is. 


For those of us that get behind the grill, it’s a no-brainer to keep the kitchen open. There is nothing more stressful than cooking in a crowded kitchen! 



Let your design choices breathe with an open, inviting kitchen layout. 



Make Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen a Reality 


Now that you know exactly how to design a contemporary outdoor kitchen, why don’t you put that knowledge to the test!? Our design team can turn your basic patio into your dream kitchen and entertainment space! 


Let’s get started! Call 813-322-2137 to get a quote today for your Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville area home

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