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If you’re dreaming of elevating your outdoor space with a stylish and functional kitchen, you’re in the right place. Our latest collaboration with Cardel Homes has brought to life an outdoor kitchen that perfectly balances aesthetic appeal and practical design. 

Featuring Symphony Blue Oxford Cabinets from Endura and a high-performance Summerset Sizzler Pro Grill, this project exemplifies the marriage of elegance and efficiency. Join us as we share a few of the details of this colorful outdoor kitchen project!  

small blue outdoor kitchen with cabinets, grill, fridge, and sink

A Stunning Symphony Blue Outdoor Kitchen 

The cabinetry in this outdoor kitchen is the perfect complement to the gray-flecked granite countertops and backsplash of tasteful stone accents. Made from 3/4″ marine-grade HDPE, with UV and weather resistance, these stunning Symphony Blue Oxford Cabinets by Endura are not only beautiful but will never rot, delaminate, or need refinishing. You can’t beat that!  

And we love that Endura Cabinetry is all Made in America!  All their stunning cabinets are manufactured and hand-assembled in Tampa, Florida from materials that are sourced from United States-based companies.  

built in grill in outdoor kitchen

Summerset Sizzler Pro Grill 

The Summerset Sizzler Pro Grill truly shines as the centerpiece of this colorful outdoor kitchen. Some features that make it exceptional include:  

  • High-Performance Burners: With stainless steel tube burners rated for high BTUs, this grill provides even heat distribution and consistent grilling performance. 
  • Superior Construction: Built from 443 stainless steel, the grill offers excellent durability and resistance to the elements. 
  • Flame-Tamers: Innovative flame-taming systems ensure fewer flare-ups and enhanced flavor, making grilling safer and more enjoyable. 
  • Thoughtful Design: The sleek and modern design complements any outdoor kitchen aesthetic, blending functionality with style. 
  • Versatility: Multiple grilling zones and a variety of accessories, such as rotisserie kits and sear burners, allow for a wide range of cooking techniques. 
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive controls and a convenient electronic ignition system make firing up the grill quick and easy. 

front view of blue outdoor kitchen

Additional Features  

In addition to the luxurious cabinetry and the high-performance grill, this stunning colorful outdoor kitchen also includes a refrigerator and a sink to clean up after a grill session! 

We couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out!  

Transform Your Backyard 

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