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How to Grill Pizza

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Is there anything better than pizza? We know the grill is a pizza’s best friend! Save yourself some dough (pun intended), and achieve the perfect pizza at home in your backyard! Here’s how to grill a great pizza:     Pizza is Best Grilled  Pizza thrives on heat. You can get the cheese melted and the crust…

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New Grill keeping it clean tips

Cleaning Your Grill the RIGHT Way

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Around here, grilling has no off-season.    If you’re reading this post, more than likely you’re a grilling enthusiast. But are you a grill cleaning enthusiast? Probably not. However, even if you can’t stand the clean-up process, every grill master needs a clean grill to achieve beautiful grill marks. Cleaning your grill can also help avoid having your…

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Custom Outdoor Water Fountain Feature

Why Add a Water Feature to Your Outdoor Living Area

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“To some, it’s just water. To me, it’s where I regain my sanity.” – Anonymous  Just picture it…you’re sitting outside, sipping coffee or a cocktail and listening to the gentle sounds of flowing water. TOTAL. RELAXATION. Water features bring an element of tranquility that truly is the essence of Florida living.   Our designers share why adding…

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outdoor countertops close up SOL luxury kitchen

Outdoor Countertop Options

By | Outdoor Kitchens

When you want to create a focal point that your family, friends, and neighbors can enjoy and increase the value of your home, incorporating an outdoor kitchen is the best way to go! Our Florida lifestyle gives us year-round enjoyment of our yard and allows us to let nature…

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